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Extraordinary Sources for Winter Nutrition nutrition water winter season Dec 29, 2022

Chinese medicine’s health “encyclopedia,” the Neijing Suwen, translated as ”The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor,” says that the corresponding relationship among...

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Emotions of Energetic Winter emotions water winter season Dec 15, 2022

Along the trail’s edge

beside a sparkling river

in the willow shade,

I lingered to take a nap—

lingered, and I’m still here.

—A Japanese Zen Poem, translated by Sam Hamill


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13 Possibilities of a "Water Element Imbalance" hydration toning water winter Nov 20, 2022

During Winter, it is important that we conserve our energy as a seed does in nature, that we rest and preserve the essence of life, preparing for the rebirth of Spring.

Water, the element...

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