Take Your Spiritual Journey by Storm, Unleashing the Magic that Resides Within 

I assist in navigating your intuitive gifts and psychic abilities, so that you too can live your Soul Purpose. My step-by-step system will assist you in understanding and learning more about your gifts and purpose, while unleashing the magical Being that resides within. By Setting the Stage to take control, creating the security and freedom you’ve been dreaming of.

Ignite your Gifts, Live your Purpose.

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Welcome to Holistic Sha'Medium Tonya Dee  

Where we explore what it means to be a Multidimensional Being, So you can live a life full of Magic, Medicine, Ritual and Play.

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Join me bi-Weekly for my latest episodes on topics of Nature, Subtle Energy, Elemental Beings, Ritual and Indigenous Technologies. 

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Meditation Circle

Join the Monthly Meditation Circle, held the first Sunday of Each Month, 10am, MST. Each Month we bring to the corridor a Seasonal Venue


Magic in the Mountains of Mongolia  

It's Official - August 2023!

Join me in person, in the Magic of Mongolia. This Adventure is on the Highway! You will be For-Ever transformed - BODY, Mind, Spirt and SOUL!

A Little Muse About Me

Holla! I'm Tonya Dee

Through my experiences, as a Human Being and a Shamanic Healer, I created a Healers Venue to what ails you.

I have a Podcast, "Musing with Tonya Dee," where I focus on a new "Theme" each Year. Stage by Stage, Scene by Scene - I have created a starting point for you no matter where you are at in Your Story NOW.

Realizing Your Innate Gifts and Purpose, is a matter of by-passing the Ingredients that You ultimately made your product of or from. Let's open the door to the World of Energy Healing, the Elemental Realm - your Personal Medicine, Gift and Purpose.

Manifesting your dreams, along with the courage to over-come dis-belief. Be Ready for the Change and Committed to Be, the Person you Ultimately Are.



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Join the Academy

Immerse Yourself in the Magical Being that Resides within, Your Personal Medicine - inside my private community 

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One on One 

Swirl the Shells, get insight into your Inner Genius, Your Personal Medicine ~  Cowry Shell Divination.

Kontomble' Voice is an art of the Otherworldly Beings, Poetry, Laughter and Play.

An Energy Session: From Clearing your energetic channels to activating your subtle gifts

Subtle Energy Surgery, aka Psychic Surgery - the Quantum Field is an asset - I have been gifted with


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Drink Your Salad!

How to transform your body with plant proteins

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Balance your skin and your body with a Skin Care Line based on the Energy Medicine, Elements and Subtle Energy Body!

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Essential Oil

Essential Oils

Utilize Essential Oils to uplift your environment and over-all well-being

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