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Chakra Mini Ebook

Discover properties and characteristics of each of the 7 main in body chakras. These 7 main energy centers include: 

  • Root Center
  • Solar Plexus
  • Sacral Center
  • Heart Center
  • Third Eye
  • Throat Center
  • Crown Center

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Discover Your Intuitive Gift

We all have a unique INTUITIVE GIFT that allows us to hear voices of caution and identifies our ‘true’ sense of mission and purpose. Our spirit guides send us signs in different forms. Discover which Intuitive Gift you have based on the messages that you’re receiving.

Are You A Seeing Sister?

You’re a Seeing Sister if you see visual signs, images, shapes, and colors, in response to a problem or question that you’re having. If you keep seeing the same signs, that’s your spirit guide sending you visions, revelations, and messages through dreaming or real-life experience. 

Are You A Hearing Sister?

You’re a Hearing Sister if you hear psychic voices or even songs that randomly pop in your head. You can hear voices from outside and inside of yourself that often come in short messages, like a famous movie line or a phrase.

Are You A Feeling Sister?

You’re a Feeling Sister if the messages you’re receiving comes in the form of a ‘gut feel.’ Most Feeling Sisters can also read the emotions of others and sense the ‘vibe’ in a room full of people.

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 Elemental Mini Ebook  

Understanding Vital Energy Flow, Learning the Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this Unique Method is a Truly Holistic Energetic Skin and Balancing Tool, so that YOU become aware of Energetic "Tell-Tale" signs! You will discover insights about:

  • Wood - Spring Season
  • Fire - Summer Season
  • Earth - Transitional Season 
  • Metal - Fall Season
  • Water - Winter Season 

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The Elemental Foundation for Understanding your Energy Body, through the Skin.

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Secrets to Mindful Eating

Helpful guidelines to assist you in establishing nutritional habits for optimal wellness.

Includes: Three Mindful Recipes, Benefits of the Mindful Eating Guide:

  • This guide will help expand your knowledge on mindful eating.
  • With your mindful eating knowledge you then can add mindful eating to your daily routine.
  • Daily mindful eating will help you get closer to optimal wellness.

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Explore the Musing Corridor

A Venue of Soul Inspired curriculums to meet you wherever you are. My Digital Library in the Sky! Why? We all have intuitive gifts and psychic abilities - time to use your spirit muscle, putting them to higher use, in a safe container! 

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