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Tonya Dee



An Inspirited Life, sharing Musings into the Mystics, Nature Realm, Subtle Energy Realms, The Indigenous and more . . . diving into the Realm of Source, the Cosmos, the Universe, Self-Healing, Spirituality, the Goddess of the Night!  

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Join Tonya Dee as she explores the Imaginal Realms, topics of Transformation, the world of "Woo-Woo." Journey into the unseen, a different perspective - you’re not in this alone. Each season explores a new highway:

  • Nature Series
  • Subtle Energy
  • Cosmic Frequencies
  • OtherWorldly Insights


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Meet the Muse

Tonya Dee

Host and Holistic Sha'Medium

I Assist Others to discover their Intuitive Gifts and Psychic Abilities, so that they too - live their Soul Purpose. One of the Core Foundations - the Elemental Realm, the Subtle Energies and Bodies, and the Cosmic Highway. 

We ALL have em' - put that intuitive muscle to USE!

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" Tonya is one of the most precise and talented energy workers I have ever been honored to know, and absolutely excels at "psychic surgery."

Her ability to conceptualize the energetics causing a difficulty is unsurpassed. Even more important, she can transform those challenges with her unlimited capacity to create good where there is harm. Her depth, wisdom, intuition, and spiritual capabilities are absolutely astounding. "

Cyndi Dale

Author, Intuitive Healer