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Mystic Message Monday {11/06/23} Scorpio New Moon Ritual eighth chakra healer magic personal medicine ritual scorpio shamanism shamans portal Nov 08, 2023

Why does the Season of Scorpio get such a bad wrap? In the days of Old, the Season of Scorpio with the Sabbat of Samhain is revered as the New Year. A time when things go to seed, the ground is...

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Mystic Message Monday {10/23/2023} Kicking-Off a New Season? & An Eclipse! lunar eclipse meditation reflector ritual scorpio taurus full moon Oct 30, 2023

We have arrived into the Season of Scorpio! "Energetic Boundaries" anyone? Why I Love Scorpio, beyond the Grave. I always find it curious as to why Scorpios get such a bad wrap. Having my personal...

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