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Mystic Message Monday {10/23/2023} Kicking-Off a New Season? & An Eclipse!

lunar eclipse meditation reflector ritual scorpio taurus full moon Oct 30, 2023

We have arrived into the Season of Scorpio! "Energetic Boundaries" anyone? Why I Love Scorpio, beyond the Grave. I always find it curious as to why Scorpios get such a bad wrap. Having my personal moon in the Season of Scorpio - enter the "Ghost of the Darkness," but not to fear!

Scorpio holds our Shadow Records, Akashic and more. Want to travel to where you have already been? There are a variety of reasons why I love my personal moon. One of them being, as I follow the Lunar energy of the Moon, through the Seasons, the Houses and the Gates. My Moon is at Home . . . Feels like my Emotional Foundation get Nurtured beyond the Grave, or to the Grave. I connect the Shaman's Portal to the Season of Scorpio, Pluto, the 8th House and more. Feel a bit curious? I have a Specific Offering for this Place. Uncover Secrets of the Otherworld, and Voices of the Otherworld.

My moon will be highlighted during the Sun's transit through Scorpio, and to make it even more exciting and enticing? This Upcoming Lunar Eclipse is at the same DEGREE as my Personal North Node - like my own personal Cazimi!

Needless to say, you have some super juice happening. I have not only created the Musing Moon Meditation for this illuminating energy, but also I have a Ritual to perform after (In a Video also). 

But that is not ALL! We also have the Sabbat, Samhain. Be sure to follow the Musing News, any of my Social Channels to keep up and stay connected! 

Hope you Enjoy! 'Tis the Season of the Witches! 

After you tune into the Meditation, Here is a Ritual I created for the Lunar Eclipse.


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