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Mystic Message Monday {11/06/23} Scorpio New Moon Ritual

eighth chakra healer magic personal medicine ritual scorpio shamanism shamans portal Nov 08, 2023

Why does the Season of Scorpio get such a bad wrap? In the days of Old, the Season of Scorpio with the Sabbat of Samhain is revered as the New Year. A time when things go to seed, the ground is cold, the harvest is over. We prepare for the winter months, the season of Water and going inward. 

I believe our personal new year starts stirring, three months before our born day. New Moon intentions on your birthday create "Wishes," that carry through the entire year! When the New Moon is in your 11th house in Astrology, we get super wishes - we can do one per day! 

New Moons are a time of fresh new beginnings. A time to tap into our hidden potentials. Each new moon presents an opportunity to set intentions around the flavor of the moon season, to bring to fruition our deepest heart-felt desires. 

Ultimately, to Manifest we need three things as a foundation. Our heart must be the number one influencer of what we desire. Not the heart of anyone else, be sure to ask YOUR heart.

We also need to choreograph our hearts desires with our feelings. Feelings never lie. To win it, you must feel it in your bones. If you're not feeling it in your intention as you are stirring it, writing it down - the brew goes stale. 

We also need to give our intentions time and space. When we plant a seed, the soil needs to be nourished. It needs sun, water, etc. So do our intentions. If you are going for something BIG, its going to need extra time, possibly a little more space. 

I shift each Ritual with the moon, based on the Season the Moon is in. This New Moon being in Scorpio, what is it that is deep, hidden inside of you, that you may need to let go of? Usually the past, or even something that is from another lifetime - Soul Wounds. If you listen to the Musing Moon Meditation or the Ritual for this New Moon you may just get personal insights for yourself.

A Guide for Manifesting with the Moon (You Can Utilize these steps as a basic foundation for any and all New Moons).

1. Reflect

You may wish to revisit the past months new moon intentions. Which ones need to be re-written? Which one's did you manifest? 

Often, its wise to reflect on what it is your heart desires in this life. Grab a piece of paper and allow yourself to get creative, visualize, feel into your desires. Use specific, optimistic language. Hold the intention of what your heart wants. 

2. Prep

I like to pre-prep for the Moon. Gathering items for Ritual. Depending on the Season, will reflect the Items I use. (Essential Oils, Goats Milk, Honey, Herbs, Flowers, Moon Water, Rain Water, Ash, Soil, etc.)

3. Create Sacred Space

I prefer Solitude and a nice warm fire. Choose a space that reflects your inner serenity, where you may be undisturbed - or create a community. Light Candles, Burn Incense, arrange your crystals, and other ritual items (water, flowers, spirits, etc.)

4. Meditate ~ Pray

Center Yourself, and Open up to the Universe! Take a few breaths, Close your eyes, Visualize your hearts intentions coming to fruition. Feel the emotion's stirring as you have already achieved your hearts-wishes. See yourself NOW living the life you are meant to live, radiating pure absolute joy, health, happiness, peace, integrity.

5. Give Yourself Plenty of Time and Space

To write down your Intentions. Put your words on paper. Its wise to write down in the present, AS IF - it has already manifested. Be Specific! Use WORDS that highlight positivity with Feeling. Instead of writing, "I want a relationship," write "I have a thriving relationship, surrounded by positive joy, and harmonious communication!" Add feeling intent, with your hearts desires in the intention.

6. Release

Give your Intentions out to the Universe. As you write down your intentions, take some time - no rush. Give Space - sit with your words, and honor them. Release any and all negativity and/or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Fully allowing yourself to LET GO, Release your intentions out into the Universe. Use the Element that resonates with you (I am of the Fire Clan, so I often go to the Fires. I also go to the Water if Life or myself is NOT in the FLOW.) Different Elementals bring different unique opportunities)

7. Charge Your Intentions: Holding your intentions in your hands (your paper or items that represent your intentions) Visualize your intentions coming to life, birthing into the physical. I like to Invoke them, Speak them out loud, As if - Say a Prayer or affirmation, expressing heart felt gratitude to the universe for supporting you in manifesting your true hearts wishes.

Are you intentions aligned with Spirit?

8. Time to Initiate the Action

As you finish the Ritual, Thank the Ancestors, the Universe, the Beings in the Unseen, etc.,  for attending the New Moon Ceremony. Take IN-Spirited ACTION towards your Heart Led Intentions. One simple step towards your dreams, create a plan, take a baby step towards your goal. Trust that the Universe is always working in your favor, and will guide you! However, it is up to us to take inspirited action to make it happen!

Do they hold true to an action you can take to initiate the intention?

Are they something that you can commit to, up to and beyond the manifestation?

Is this something that holds true to form and lights up the sky of your heart? 


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