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Harnessing the Mystical Energies: New Moon in Pisces 2024 Guide for All Zodiac Signs new moon Mar 08, 2024

 Understanding the New Moon in Pisces

 The New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, symbolizing new beginnings, fresh starts, and the seeding of intentions. In the imaginative...

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Tonya Dee
New Moon in Aquarius 2024
New Moon in Aquarius 2024 meditation new moon Feb 09, 2024

Harnessing Celestial Energy for Transformation, All 12 Signs

As we gaze up at the celestial canvas, we find ourselves amidst a cosmic phenomenon – the New Moon in Aquarius. This celestial...

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Libra New Moon Ritual, 2023 libra new moon ritual Oct 10, 2023

A Ritual for the New Moon in Libra.

New Moons are a time for birthing anew. New Intentions, Offerings. and More.

Ritual Items Needed:

  • A Glass Bowl, Bottle or a Jar
  • Moon or River Water
  • Flowers...
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Mystic Message Monday {10/09/23}: New Moon in Libra - Rituals libra meditation new moon ritual Oct 09, 2023

On the cusp of a New Moon in the Season of Relating. What are the opportunities one seeks in relationships? Harmony? Balance? The ability to Receive? 

Libra is the Season, Relationships are at...

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