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Mystic Message Monday {10/09/23}: New Moon in Libra - Rituals

libra meditation new moon ritual Oct 09, 2023

On the cusp of a New Moon in the Season of Relating. What are the opportunities one seeks in relationships? Harmony? Balance? The ability to Receive? 

Libra is the Season, Relationships are at the forefront. On October 14th we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the arena of Relationships. Birthing, New Moon, Relationship intentions, along with new ways of collaborating, relating, partnering. 

Take time to Reflect on all of your relations. Relationship to Yourself, to your day-to-day partnering, at work, in career. We have many ways of relating. The way you relate to yourself, is the way others will relate to you, as well. 

Listen to this weeks Daily Snippet on YouTube, 🔮🐶 Unleashing Divine Connections: The Paw-some Power of the Element of the Dog

and as always the New Moon Meditation, the Season of Libra. If your heart is calling you to step forward, set a "Ritual Intention" with the Moon. I have a list of Essential Oil Moon Blends in the Resource area, under Tools & Accessories. 

You can also be creative, use herbs as well. With the Throat Center activated, you may find that you are being called to use your spiritual voice, spiritual truths activated. Our throat center activated during the ages of 6 1/2 to 8 1/2, you may feel called to reflect on that age. Who were you? Was your Voice heard? Great time to Journal as you reflect. 

Reflect upon your relationship to your heart center, along with your Inner voice. Also, the North-West Corner of your home or office. What could you do in those areas that pertain to relating? 

Buy Fresh Flowers? Create a Self-Care day or night, with essential oils or even go out in Nature, do some Nature Bathing!

Journal your Big Authentic Heart Driven Dreams! Raise Your Value Quotient! Open Up your Heart to Receive the Bounty from the Universe. Create a New Moon Intention Vision Board. 

Add the Seed Sound of the Throat Chakra/Center (I did add it to the Meditation, You will hear me!). 

Add essential oils, herbs, flowers, epsom salt, baking soda, sea salt, etc. to your bath, shower or even an alter. You can be creative, do an offering to the otherworld out in nature.

After Cleansing your energetic field (Auric Field), I tend to use incense sticks, sage, palo santo, etc., any tool of your choice (Including crystals too)

What to do?: 

  • First start by cleansing your energetic field. Feeling into your heart, feeling into your relationship to yourself. A Heart, Soul and Spirit Conversation.
  • Say outloud: "I invoke myself head to toe, cleansing away all energetic debris. My Heart, My Mind, My Spirit, My Soul - I feel the Glitter of my essence Glow. I am clear. I am aware. I am bright. I am, I AM. I am Full of the Light that Resides within me."
  • After invoking or reciting. Cleanse the Space, for Ritual. Whether its the bath, the shower, your alter. The tools you are going to use.
  • Get in a comfortable position, Listen to the Musing Moon Meditation. for Libra Season 2023, Below 👇 👇 👇 
  • Once the Meditation is complete. I like to bring my awareness to the world of Nature. The Beings of Nature and the Unseen. Adding the ingredients to your Alter, your Bath, out in Nature. Call in the Beings, Speak to the Water Spirits, to bring you to the path of clarity, being in the flow. Speak to the Fire Spirits to access your Hearts Dreams or Desires, Call in the Earth Beings for support, belonging and Nurturing. Know that you are in a place of peace, laughter, love, poetry, Using words invokes the beings of mineral, the storytellers. And Nature brings us to our authenticity, true transformation. 
  • Soak in the Waters, Take in the Rays. Your Ritual is finished. I would probably suggest saying a "closing prayer" thanking the unseen beings, the elementals, your ancestors. May the Blessings of the Otherworld be Upon YOU! Ashe'!

If you need assistance, schedule a One-on-One, a Divination - I would be grateful to assist!

Libra New Moon Ritual? A few ideas for the New Moon, along with access to getting your Ritual Herbs, Candles and mini-crystals.


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