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Sacred Spirit Circle Meditation

A monthly Sacred Spirit Circle, diving into the Energy of the Season. During this meditation experience, the transformative power of energetic cleansing. Clear your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. Feel rejuvenated with a Astro Season Meditation Practice. Uploaded the first day of an Astrology Sign.


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 Buttercup Meditation

Cleanse & Recalibrate Your Energetic Centers

Take your energetic practice to the next level with a personalized meditation designed just for you. This guided meditation will help you align with the Star Being that you are, keeping your energetic centers balanced and vibrant during these turbulent times. Listen daily to reap the benefits of this powerful practice.

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Access a LifeTime of Guided Meditations by Tonya Dee

With Soliciting Solitude, you have the opportunity to invest in yourself through a meditation corridor that's suitable for everyone, from beginner to advanced. Plus, it keeps growing with new additions regularly. 



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✨ In-Spirit Practitioner Recommendations ✨


Are you seeking guidance and support on your spiritual journey? My In-Spirit Practitioner Recommendations are here to assist you in connecting with the wisdom of the Otherworld and harnessing the power of rituals and offerings.

These experienced practitioners have a deep understanding of the Elementals and the Beings of the Otherworld, including Ancestors, Angels, the Fae, Wedame', and the Kontomble'. They can help you navigate the forces of adversity and find answers from the Otherworld.

Whether you're looking for insights, guidance, or assistance in your spiritual practice, our In-Spirit Practitioners are ready to offer their expertise. They can provide personalized recommendations tailored to your unique needs and help you create meaningful rituals and offerings.

Embrace the magic and transformation that comes from connecting with the Otherworld. Explore our In-Spirit Practitioner Recommendations and embark on a journey of spiritual growth and connection. Reach out to our practitioners today and discover the wisdom that awaits you.

Elder Malidoma Some'

A Medicine Man, A West African Shaman, Elder of the Dagara Tribe, and more importantly my Friend. Malidoma transformed my life, with His Wisdom, His Teachings, Gift & Purpose. Initiated as a Cowry Shell Diviner in 2016. I then took part in his "Indigenous Technologies," (Ancestralization, Totems, Wedemae,' Kontomble,' Earth, Water, Fire, etc.) Rituals and traveled to Dano, Burkina Faso ~ West Africa with him in 2020. Forever Grateful to be a part of his Legacy, his Wisdom ~ ASHE'

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Gina Nicole

Spiritual Mentor & Feng Shui Practitioner, Gina Nicole works with big-hearted people who feel other's emotions and are likely giving away TOO much. Tonya & Gina have been touring together since 2016. Tonya adds an essential ingredient to Gina's EMBODY One offering, where together they assist you to Tune into the Language of your body, and Map out a Ritualistic plan of action. Join them together as they weave the Spiritual with the Elemental, activating Gift and Purpose.

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Cyndi Dale

Author | Intuitive | Healer

I started my intuitive journey with Cyndi Dale in 2012. Before that I dove into her many books, a few of my Favorites are in the resource area. Advanced Chakra Healing, first Edition, fell on me at the bookstore. I have been a steward of her Apprenticeship Program since 2012, along with recently a teacher assistant for her offer in Shift Network. Dive in Below! You will be rewarded 

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Csongor Daniel

Biotherapist | Healer | Speaker

One of the first officially recognized Bioenergy healers in the former Yugoslavia, trained by the legendary Zdenko Domancic. While his teacher has healed more than a million people, Csongor has no such ambitions. Instead, he would like to teach a million people how to become healers themselves.

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Ritual is Prescription. It is Medicine...

that has been administered by the Pharmacy of the Ancestral Realm or the World of Spirit

Ritual is seen as the Life Blood of the community. Rituals are Universal. Rituals are Food for the Soul, our Soul. 

The Purpose of Ritual is to heal the wounds we encounter from the day-to-day living of our every day life, as well as the ones we may carry with us - from sometimes traumatic experiences, whether it's the birthing process or even generational ones. 

Ritual opens the gateway to our needs, desires, and aligns us with our Purpose, our Gift.

There are two types of Rituals. The everyday rituals or maintenance rituals , and also Radical Rituals.

  • "Maintenance" Rituals are those that are relatively brief, they can serve the purpose of keeping our life in order in our day-to-day.
  • They help us sustain rituals that have been done already, they are called maintenance for a reason.
  • These Rituals may involve an individual, or an entire community. 
  • "Radical" Rituals are those that are more INTENSE, and the effects usually last much longer. 
  • They have a "shocking" affect, that is why they are "Radical," they help separate somebody from something that has taken over their spirit.
  • They must involve a group, even if the ritual is being performed on behalf of an individual.
  • A "Maintenance Ritual" is a practice of Community, Communion. 
  • A "Radical Ritual" can be similar to "Invasive Surgery".
  • Where Maintenance Ritual can be like taking a daily vitamin.

The word Ritual is Latin, it means rights or religious practices, it has 4 parts.

  • Prayer: You always want to start with a prayer, or an invitation. We want to Invoke the Spirit, the Beings in the OtherWorlds, the intangible, the unseen
  • During prayer, we are going to ask permission to perform the Ritual stating our intention out loud, so that our intention does not get mixed up with our Silent Thoughts, that are meandering in our Mind.


We then prepare for the ritual, and Ritual involves the Elements for preparation, depending on the Ritual. 


We then do the Ritual and as always we end with a prayer of thanks. Where the Ancestors, the Spirit, the Essence, the Universe, Our Spirit always, and so much more. 

In practicing Rituals we are invoking and inviting spirit from the very beginning. And in doing so, we are no longer in control, because we have asked spirit to take over.

Spontaneously, or automatically - this just sets in, and as a result, one does not know the outcome. 

It is BEST not to, and just be in the flow, as things become integrated. 

In doing so, there are a few things to remember. First, after completing the Ritual, we are bringing closure to include in the Closing Prayer. We should use words to let Spirit know that we are finished, as well as words that express gratitude and blessings. 

And also, in Radical Ritual you MUST welcome the person back into the group. Otherwise, they may return to where they were emotionally.

So, what does that even look like? Imagine in your minds eye, a person who returned from war and was abusing substances because of the war, and imagine that they were not welcomed by the community, the group, the village, they then would return to those abuses.

Oftentimes, people confuse rituals with habits, routines or even ceremonies. However, remember Ritual always starts with a prayer invitation, and also ends with prayer closure. 

The Celtic Tree Oracle

Ogham Divination 

Connecting to the Otherworld 

I often use Sigils, Signs, and Carvings for my Moon Rituals, and other offerings. Herbs along with essential oils. I have created this Ogham mini-eBook to assist you in your personal Rituals. 

Be creative , listen to your inner voice, even get into a meditative state.  I use a variety of tools to connect with the Otherworld. I use my culiau to carve into candles. I use a wood burner into wood. Make it unique to your personal intention.

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