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Before we begin our collaboration, I'd like to share a bit about myself and then provide you with a questionnaire. 


a bit about me . . .


I am a practicing Holistic Shaman, Medium, Otherworldly Life-Coach, Subtle Energy Surgeon and a Reflector in Human Design. After years of being in the beauty, health and wellness industry - my path opened up to intuitive methods for healing the body through the skin, "Quantum" Energetic Skin & Body Care. 


It didn't stop there, it had only just begun. I continued to absorb knowledge about the Elementals, Chinese Medicine, the Four Pillars of Destiny, Feng Shui, the Subtle Bodies and Energy Centers - Mapping out the Four Pathways. Then spirit guided me to Malidoma Some', an indigenous medicine man (Shaman), an Elder of the Dagara Tribe in Dano, Burkina Faso, West Africa.


Since then, I have mapped out my features as a 6/2 Human Design Reflector. I am drawn to assisting others to align their Gift and live their Purpose. Discovering the Magical Being that resides within. Whether its your Intuitive Gifting, your Life Purpose, so that we create an organic way, in which you bring your Gift and Purpose into form. - whatever that is for you: Career, a Magical Home in the Woods, a Partner, even Forces of Adversity, an "Energetic Hiccup." I will quickly assist you to determine your natural talents, so that you tap into your Gift and Purpose - the subtle information, abundance that is unique to you and infinitely available. 


The reason people chose to study and learn with me is - I simply reflect your experience back to you. Everyone of my guests has experienced a breakthrough, after the initial breakdown.


I will provide you with the tools, the secret sauce, beyond everyday experience. On top of that, a grimoire, a library of essentials, along with other materials, your one on one connection with me is your greatest asset, your best tool. I will guide you through a process, so that you naturally become aware of the magical being that resides within - YOU!


I work with soul hearts, that are committed to access their innate gifts, so they can align their prime directive - in all arenas: professional and personal. This doesn't always lead to a profession in the healers grimoire, but often it does.


Working with me, accessing your style of eclectic energy. should be fun, magical and an easy integration. I assure you that the synergy energy of my guests and me-self, allow for this through the selection process. 


If you've read this far . . . 

👇 👇 Simply READ & Fill Out the Form Below 👇👇


. . . and I will see you on the Otherside!

Client Agreement

  1. I understand that the services provided me are for educational and self-improvement purposes only and are not intended for any mental illness or professionally diagnosed condition.
  2. I acknowledge that my well-being depends on how well I care for myself physically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually. And that my thoughts, feelings, images, and actions have a direct affect on my life.
  3. I agree to be an active participant and see myself as a partner of my own transformation.
  4. I agree to allow at least 24 hours minimum notice should I need to cancel or reschedule. If I am unable to cancel with more than 24 hour notice, my session is forfeited.
  5. Should I chose to opt out of the offer, I understand that refunds are NOT available.
  6. I confirm that I am of legal age to participate in sessions and other services provided by Tonya Dee, LLC.
  7. I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assignees, do hereby release Tonya Dee, LLC, and any of her employees or other participants from all claims of damages, demands or actions, whatsoever, in any manner arising from and growing out of my participation.

By clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of this page, you are signing electronically. You agree that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this electronic form. By completing the "Name" and "Date" boxes below, I am confirming that I have thoroughly read, understand and agree to all of the information as written in the Disclosure Statement.

After Filling out the Form you will then be guided to your

"Reflector Guidance" Questionnaire

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