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Stay tuned for exciting transformations in my Offerings & Recommendations! With a plethora of favorites, I'm constantly evolving to meet you exactly where you are on your personal in-spirited journey. Make sure to check back frequently for new and inspiring books!

Book Recommendations

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BUY Dancing the Dream ~ Jamie Sams


BUY The Healing Wisdom of Africa


BUY Advanced Chakra Healing


Buy the untethered soul



BUY The Alchemist
BUY The Subtle Body, An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy


BUY Becoming Supernatural


BUY Parallel Universes of Self



Buy LLEWELLYN's Complete Book of Chakras
BUY Animal Speak
Great for Creating Healing Sigils


Buy Numerology & the Divine Triangles

Ready for Personalized One-on-One Sessions with Tonya Dee?

At times, we all experience MisSteps and get stuck in negative patterns of thought and behavior. Whether it's anxiety, restlessness, sadness, or fear, we all need guidance to help us overcome these obstacles.

Our one-on-one sessions are designed to help you achieve mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual wellness. Our sessions are tailored to your unique needs and offer holistic healing approaches to help you overcome life's challenges.

Experience a One-on-One session with Tonya Dee now.

Elemental Book Recommendations

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BUY Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine



BUY Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs




BUY Herbal Alchemists Handbook


Buy Guide to Magickal Herbs



BUY Mystics, Saints & Sages!



BUY Encyclopedia of Spirits


BUY 5000 Spells


BUY Botanical Curses & Poisons



Buy Sacred Geometry
BUY Practical Alchemy
BUY The Green Witch
BUY Botanical Brews

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