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Show Yourself Some Love, Nurturing and Self-Care

Feb 08, 2024

Isn't it time for You to Show Some?

One of the four 18-day periods of the year that occur between energetic seasons in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has arrived. In TCM, each season is represented by an element and this “between seasons” period’s element is Earth. If you are out of balance with the energies of Earth, you may find that your skin is experiencing symptoms of toxicity likes blemishes, acne, enlarged pores and more. In Earth imbalance, you may also feel stuck or stagnant, perhaps unable to complete projects. You may also feel overly worrisome as you take care of other people to the detriment of caring for yourself. Aside from the usual admonition to get a massage, here are a dozen beautiful ways to give yourself some love, nurturing and self-care and get back in harmony with the Earth element. If practiced, these tips will serve not only your body, but your mind, emotions, and your very spirit as well!

  • Be conscious of what you put in your body.

    1. Learn to create a yin/yang balance through your food choices to promote your health and longevity and really, just show your body some love! Be sure to incorporate produce from all colors of the rainbow but, in particular, try to focus on consuming produce the color of the current energetic season. For example, during energetic Spring, eat lots of fresh green produce because green is the color associated with Wood, the element of the season according to traditional Chinese medicine.

    2. Read food labels. Go conscious grocery shopping and see how great that feels! Don’t just buy food because you’ve always bought it or because it looks good. Know what you’re putting into your body. Love your body enough to understand the relationship between how you feel and your food choices. Buy more food in the produce department than from any other department in the store.

  • Be conscious of what you put on your body. There is actually clothing being developed now that helps your body heal and sleep better.** Opt for quality rather than quantity and you’ll feel so much better. Choose organic cotton if you can. Choose colors that resonate with you and cause you to feel at ease. Phyto 5 Products is another example of high integrity products you can put on your body and feel good about because they’re formulated and manufactured consciously with your safety and vitality of skin, body and emotions as the goal.

  • Be conscious of what you allow into your mind.

    1. Turn off the news and play beautiful music.

    2. Take this time to do something creative. Contribute your creativity not your negativity to the planet. As you already know, it’s through giving that we receive.

When past memories or worry arises, catch it quick and be ready with a small arsenal of pleasant thoughts or ideas you can immediately divert your mind too. Make this a practice and notice the peace you will feel.

  • Practice mindful fitness. Mindful fitness is today’s catchphrase and another way of saying, meditate.

    1. Just take time every morning to be still and relax. Let the thoughts flow through the mind but don’t engage with them or judge yourself. Eventually, the thoughts will stop and you will be in the sublime place that goes beyond the concept of “nurture.”

    2. Join a meditation group. You may enjoy the quickening benefits of plural meditation and make new friends as well.

    3. There are many ways to meditate (e. g. mantra-based, focused attention). Use this time to explore them and find the methods that resonate with you. This can be a fun process of discovery for you.

    4. Take time out in the middle of a stressful day to reconnect with your Self. Take this time to learn to slow down the breath to a maximum of six breaths per minute to achieve ultimate longevity and vitality. For more information on the six breaths a minute technique, visit the Musing Club and start “Soliciting Solitude.”

  • Practice yoga, a martial art, or weight training and cardio workouts. You will be amazed at how wonderful a newfound exercise practice can make you feel on all levels. You’ll breathe differently. Your posture and entire physiology will improve. Your confidence level will soar.

  • Nature. Nature. Nature. Walk in it. Connect with it. Listen to the sounds. Be conscious while the breeze blows on your face and body. Literally hug a tree.

  • Bring some green plants into your home. They’ll help transform the air you breathe and bring a sense of calm to your environment.

  • Take a day trip. Get away from it all. Appreciate a change of scenery. It’s inexpensive and you’ll feel wonderful.

  • Find three simple things you love to do, pastimes that are fun for you and then do them one by one.

    1. It’s vitally important to have fun and experience pleasure as often as we can in life. Our ability to create what is good, beautiful and true becomes limited when we come from a place of chronic angst, worry, misery, or boredom.

  • Enjoy natural fragrances and their healing benefits. When you squeeze an orange or chop fresh herbs, take a moment to really drink in the fragrance. Stop at the fresh flower bouquets in the stores and breathe in their healing essences. (Beware of synthetic essential oils sold in stores today. And did you know that very few perfumers actually use real flowers in their fragrance formulations?!) You’ll never have to worry when you make PHYTO5 Swiss-made skincare using pure high-grade essential oils part of your skincare regimen.

  • Enjoy an alternative wellness therapy like Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which is becoming increasingly practiced having now reached 183 countries and regions around the world. Based on the theory of the five elements and the five phases  TCM guides you to live in harmony with the earth and its energies. Enjoy TCM in action with PHYTO5’s five element lines of skin and haircare.

  • Slow down. If you feel like you’re always in a rush or stressed and pressured to get somewhere or do something, you must start now to slow down. The alternative is burnout and compromised health on all levels and we know that’s not what you really want for yourself. By slowing down and enjoying as many of the preceding tips as possible, you’ll find you are able to get all you need to get accomplished perfectly.


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