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Spring Season, Elemental Wood and Oily Skin

Mar 02, 2023

Spring energy is a time for the element of Wood when the energy of arterial circulation, blood flow and the movement of vital energy are all at their peak.  Wood is the structure and what holds the reserves for any plant. This is not only natures time for birth, but it is also the time to begin new projects, create things and move outward.  That outward movement can create symptoms when blocked such as blackheads, hyper-pigmentation, saddle bags and muscle tightness. A sluggish lymphatic system, poor flexibility, poor hydration or restrictions to the blood reaching the skin can all make the spring a time for allergies, fatigue and lack of concentration.  Removing blockages and congestion is the key to the growth process of the body, including cellular renewal and healing.  This is the time to detoxify the body, the intestinal tract, the liver, and the gallbladder.

  • Organs: Liver and gallbladder
  • Food: Minimize fats, animal fat and dairy products.  Avoid alcohol, recreational drugs and coffee.
  • Flavor: Onions and sour flavors.
  • Action: stretch of the ligaments and tendons, lengthen the hamstrings, extend the spine, release the muscles.
  • Emotion: Anger, frustration – Repressed Anger

Take a walk in the woods…

Spring Energy or Characteristics of Wood People

Since Wood is the Element of Spring, Wood People are prone to liver and gallbladder weakness as well as arthritis. The color of the Wood Element is green and color is an important feature. Green promotes balance and a sense of smell. It is an antiseptic and has a beneficial effect on balancing situations of cancer. Wood as an element is associated with the East and is the element of cleansing.

A typical Wood Person will be very focused, make plans and decisions easily, rise early and be a great organizer. They are the “idea” people. They are the creative and ADD people, too. Sight is the dominant sense, so in Chinese Medicine sight is linked to the liver health. This means the weakening of the Wood Elemental will create problems with vision, including tear production.

Wood people tend to prefer sour or vinegary foods and shouting is a common indication of a loss of wood. Although the eyes and tendons tend to have trouble healing from injury. They have loud voices, tend towards anger in the face of stress, love the spring and the wind.

They are hard workers, making tendon injuries much more common. They have strong bones and joints and make ideal parents. The skin for Wood people expresses stress. Their skin may tend to be oily with blackheads and hyper-pigmentation. Their muscles will be tight, leading to tendon and ligament issues. It is the Circulation of Energy that is at the core of Wood Health, beginning dominant in the Spring, from the beginning of February until Mid-April. Their emotions can rear the tornado (Wind) as if destroying an area within a moment.

For more information about the Energy of Wood, your BioRhythm and Elemental Foundation, Schedule an Energy Reading here

Your Skin in the Spring

Nothing seems to be more cheerful than the weather change, as it is wonderful to experience something new in every season that transpires and gifts us the glory of nature. And moreover, Spring is a wonderful time of the year that blossoms hopeful attitude and begins everything fresh and anew. However, as the prime trait of Spring is the conversion, early months of spring tend to have weather conditions, analogous in style to winter and the later months will make you speculate if it is summer by now!!

35561507 - portrait of young chinese girl with beauty perfect skin looking at the camera against bokeh light background

Since the world transforms to green, it also suggests to us that it is a time to change your regime for your skin care too. Right? So, here are some things to help you make sure that you react to the weather change in an appropriate way.

Exfoliation is highly recommended in spring and not only on your gave but, also, your entire body. This will actually add to resistance as well as suppleness of your skin tone and help getting rid of dead skin cells.

Do not forget to moisturize well in order to make your skin soft and look glowing. Your skin is prone to get damaged because of hot and cool air, so use a good organic moisturizer after every shower.

If your skin is oily, turn to a gel purifying cleanser, and also, select a gel-based sunscreen lotion if it turns to greasy. If acne is a problem you are dealing with, use the Earth Line Toner to clean your pores.

It is common that the bright spring sun can cause skin problems, specifically ‘sun damaged.’ If not taken proper care of the skin, sun spots, wrinkles and lack of moisture, which can all eventually damage the skin, so protect your skin with application of ample sunscreen on  your face along with all other exposed areas – hands, feet, etc. You can also use a mild body lotion with a self-tanner in it and get ready for the approaching sun.

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