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Mystic Message Monday {09/04/23}, Where is my Spirit Guiding Me?

Sep 04, 2023

Being in the Season of the Healer, the Fixer Upper - this week Spirit is guiding us. Maybe look back over time and space, reflect on your gift & purpose.

What was it you were always giving time and energy to in your early childhood?

I have always loved the Otherworld, Spirit, Source - Divine Connection. Beauty, Health, Fashion Wellness - the Mysticism, the Magic . . .

Listen to this weeks Mystic Message Monday. Feel into your cosmic wishing well.

The Moon kicks off the Week in Taurus, what we feel, we create - becomes manifest. Gemini what we feel comes through our thoughts, intellectualizing our feelings (with mercury off on holiday, the mind may slip n slide), then into the moons home, Cancer. Feeling the Feels of Nurturing our Home? Our environment? A New Wardrobe? In my case, a New closet . . .

Heading into the Fall, Harvesting for the Winter - getting ready to hibernate, Ask yourself: Where is my Spirit Guiding me towards? Where do I put my time and energy to invest in my personal rewards?

These are the items, my must haves for the winter season , for health - overall well-being. Chose what resonates and delete the rest ;) Item's on my list are On Guard: toothpaste, soft gels, tablets, mouthwash - and deodorant. Being that what we put on the skin, the body absorbs. Check out my Myst haves here!

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