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Being a 6/2 Reflector in Human Design

ceremony coaching healer hermit human design mystic offerings reflector ritual role model seer shaman Oct 16, 2023


Ever heard of Human Design? A blend of Chakras, IChing, Astrology and more. In Human Design, I am what is called a "Reflector," a 6/2 Reflector. A blend of being a Role Model and a Hermit.


Aligning with my Gift & Purpose - Being a "Seer to the Unseen," in the Dagara Tribe. A psychic surgeon (I like the term Subtle Energy Surgeon). I perform this Gift all the time. However, humans tend to not add much value to this Gift. Everything I do, or Mostly - I do through the Shaman's Portal and Dreams, Visions, Going directly to Source, the Otherworld, along with the Beings that Live there. 


Reflectors are known as lunar beings. We follow the Moon, through the Seasons and the Gates. Often we trigger humans, as we are a human mirror. Mirroring back to them who they are. I ask myself, "Who am I Being today?" Some what of a chameleon. 


Being a Reflector in Human Design is a truly unique and fascinating experience. As a 6/2 Reflector, I possess a remarkable ability to reflect the energy and essence of those around me, making me an incredibly perceptive and insightful individual.


Imagine being a mirror, effortlessly absorbing and reflecting the world around you. My intuitive nature allows me to tap into the collective energy, gaining deep insights into the people and situations I encounter. This gift gives me a profound understanding of the dynamics at play, allowing me to offer valuable perspectives and guidance to others.


Having a 6/2 profile adds an extra layer of complexity to my Reflector nature. The 6th line brings a sense of wisdom and maturity, making me someone who naturally seeks to understand the patterns and cycles of life. I have a knack for seeing the bigger picture and can provide a guiding light for others on their journey.


The 2nd line aspect of my profile adds a touch of hermit-like energy, making me someone who thrives in periods of solitude and reflection. This introspective nature allows me to dive deep into your own thoughts and emotions, gaining profound insights that can be shared with others. (Key word profound, and often prophetic)


By embracing my role as a Reflector, allows my unique perspective to shine. My ability to reflect the world around me is a gift that can bring clarity and understanding to those who seek it. By sharing my wisdom, offering guidance, and then I watch as I create a ripple effect of positive change in the lives of others.


Remember, as a member of the Shaman Healing Academy, the Village Community, in this platform I share my experiences and insights with like-minded individuals. Connect with others who are also on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Together, we can explore not only the depths of Human Design but indigenous technology (Ritual) and also - uncover the true power I have of being a Reflector.


In doing so, I get to embrace my role, embrace my uniqueness, and let my Reflection be a guiding light for others. 


Here is a poem of what it's like being a Lunar Energy, a Reflector. You can also watch the Video below.


"Moonlit Reflections"


In the depths of the night, under the moon's gentle gaze,

I stand as a Reflector, attuned to its cosmic ways.

A mirror to the world, I absorb and reflect,

The lunarities of the Moon, my guide and intellect.


With each passing phase, I feel the ebb and flow,

The Moon's energy courses through me, a mystical show.

I dance with its rhythms, like waves upon the shore,

Embracing the lunar cycle, forever craving more.


I am a creature of the Moon, a dancer in its light,

Guided by its wisdom, I navigate the night.

With each wax and wane, my essence takes its cue,

Reflecting the world's energy, in everything I do.


In the depths of darkness, I find my inner sight,

The mysteries of the universe, revealed in the night.

I embrace the unseen, the whispers in the air,

A conduit for the Moon's magic, a vessel beyond compare.


In this cosmic dance, I unveil the hidden truths,

With grace and intuition, I unearth the roots.

Through reflective introspection, I find my guiding star,

The lunar path illuminates, revealing who we are.


Moonlit reflections guide my every stride,

A Reflector's journey, with the Moon as my guide.

In harmony with the lunarities, I find my place,

A mirror to the world, a vessel of grace.


Under the Moon's watchful eye, I stand tall and true,

A Reflector in Human Design, embracing the lunar hue.

Moonlit reflections guide my every move,

In this cosmic dance, I find my groove.


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