#749 - How to Use Subtle Energy to Support Your Purpose

Season #7

Unveil your energy body's language. If you've felt like a cosmic translator, Soul Support Sessions are your initiation into self-discovery. Connect mind, body, soul, and spirit, disconnect from the world, and embrace the magical being within. You're worth the journey!

In the heart of the mystical tapestry that is New York City, Shelley Poovey emerges as the guardian of BodyAttune—a sanctum where the ethereal dance of mind, body, and spirit unfolds. As an enigmatic force, Shelley is not merely the owner; she is the embodiment of an Advanced Certified & PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner, a weaver of yoga wisdom certified by the alliance of cosmic energies, and a Pilates sorceress guiding seekers through the enchanted realms of physical mastery.

Possessing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Psychology from the venerable University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Shelley delves into the alchemical depths of the human psyche. Her journey is a quest for the mystical synergy between archetypal forces and the intricate neural lattices governing consciousness within the sacred vessel of the human form.

In the realm of sacred words, Shelley is a celestial scribe—a guest expert writer and consultant. Her quill dances across the cosmic parchment, etching profound insights into the esoteric arts of alchemy and manifestation for Healing Crystals. Her wisdom is also enshrined in the pages of the Amazonian tome "Heal Thy Self," an anthology pulsating with stories of self-healing, where she stands as a contributing author.

Shelley's sacred offerings extend beyond the written word. Within the sanctum of BodyAttune, she conducts intimate personal sessions—a mystical cauldron where she stirs the elixir of innate healing and the summoning of desires from the astral realms. Through her, seekers traverse the moonlit pathways, attuned to the sacred cycles of the New and Full moons in a monthly subscription-based program—an alchemical dance with the cosmic tides.

As the mystical seasons turn, Shelley unfurls the scroll of destiny, inviting courageous souls to embark on year-long immersion programs. These sacred journeys, like ancient rites, come in two distinct manifestations—a personal development odyssey and a cosmic quest tailored for the alchemists of the business realm. Both weave the threads of presence, embodiment, and transformation into a harmonious tapestry.

Whether in the sacred confines of her mystical haven or through the cosmic threads of distance, Shelley Poovey beckons. She is the guide, the guardian, the sorceress—a conduit between realms, inviting seekers to partake in the alchemical dance of transformation and manifestation.

Awaken your celestial archer, a radiant comet on the tapestry of midnight. Embark on the mystical journey with 'Musing with Tonya Dee Podcast' in Apple's cosmic realm. Sprinkle cosmic stardust upon our celestial stage, join the cosmic symphony, and let the cosmos align in enchantment. Your review, a radiant craft, etches your cosmic glow across the limitless expanse of the celestial fabric.

Witness the cosmic VIP, your radiant aura a dazzling beacon in celestial revelry. We dance to the universe's beats, high-fiving stars and sipping ethereal Cosmic Coffee. Your vibes weave enchantment through space—a magical storm sweeping us off our cosmic feet.


Unlock the language of your energy body. Feel like a cosmic translator? Dive deep with Soul Support Sessions. Initiate your journey within. You're worth it!

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