#736 - Reconciling Persecution to Liberate Trauma

Season #7

Dive into the mystique of an ancient shamanic tradition through Cowry Shell Divination. This extraordinary experience offers profound insights into your current adversities while illuminating a clear path towards the realization of your deepest dreams and aspirations. Step into the realm of your own personal medicine as you gain a timeless perspective on the energies you carry within, and receive guidance on how to navigate and harness them effectively. Let the whispers of the cowry shells unveil secrets, guiding you through challenges and towards triumph. Your journey towards self-discovery and empowerment commences as you embrace the captivating allure of Cowry Shell Divination is now here.

Meet Lisa Erickson, the energetic dynamo on a mission to empower women, heal the world, and awaken chakras with a dash of sparkle and a lot of heart. 🌟✨

Lisa Erickson isn't just your run-of-the-mill energy worker; she's a fierce advocate for women's energetics, a superhero of sexual trauma healing, a chakra magician, and a kundalini rockstar. She's basically the fairy godmother of holistic healing!

But wait, there's more! Lisa is also a published author, her books 'Chakra Empowerment for Women' and 'The Art and Science of Meditation' are like the magic wands you need to transform your life. And guess what? 'Chakra Empowerment for Women' even has an audiobook version, so you can listen to the wisdom while doing your happy dance.

Lisa's credentials are as impressive as her energy. She's got certifications in mindfulness meditation instruction, somatic integration methods, and trauma sensitivity. Plus, she's got an entire treasure chest of energy healing modalities under her belt, including some secrets she learned from the legendary Cyndi Dale, where we met in her Apprenticeship Program! 

Being a member of 'The Breathe Network,' a nonprofit dedicated to healing sexual trauma survivors, is just another feather in Lisa's energetic cap. 🦚

Introducing her to the "Season of the Witches" Podcast Series!

Get ready to be swept off your broomsticks! We are absolutely ecstatic to introduce our next guest on the "Season of the Witches" Podcast. She's essentially the enchantress of holistic healing!

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Dive headfirst into an epic shamanic adventure with Cowry Shell Divination! Get ready to unlock the treasure trove of insights into your wildest dreams and conquer your challenges like a true warrior. These cowry shells are your trusty guides on the path to victory.

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