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#734 - How a Physical Initiation Transformed into Gift and Purpose

Season #7

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Keli is a compassionate educator and empowering healer. Her nurturing spirit has naturally led her to excel as a Kindergarten Reading Specialist. Holding a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Education, she's a certified New York State Public-School Teacher for Pre-K to Grade 6 and a Reading Teacher for K-12. With an unwavering commitment, she's been a valued Reading Specialist since 2003.

Beyond education, Keli's life journey has equipped her to overcome challenges and traumas. Harnessing her gifts, she's not only transformed her life but others' through energy healing and as a Usui Reiki Master. Her authenticity and positivity shine, drawing children, animals, and people alike. Her presence transforms spaces, making her a true social catalyst.

Based in upstate NY, Keli is also a devoted mother to her son.

Introducing her to the "Season of the Witches" Podcast Series!

With bubbling excitement, we introduce her as an esteemed guest on the renowned "Season of the Witches" Podcast Series! Her profound insights and expertise are set to amplify our intuitive capacities and awaken our inner voices, crafting an unparalleled experience for our treasured listeners.

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