#726: The Ancient Empowerment Hidden in Science

Season #7

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Who is Laura Brennan Ballet? As the Author of "The Science of Empowerment," Laura is driven by the life force that circulates within all universal connectivity. Her passion, motivation and ability to see how energy is in everything, guides her powerful messaging forward, When you are in connection with Laura, you feel the charge and the movement of energy, in real-time.

This Energy comes alive and sparks an awareness within, uplifting thought and purpose for the observer. Laura's energetic ability through her words, to activate within the listener, this personal knowing; that you are living potentiality, is inspiring.

As an Ambassador of Life Empowerment, A Global top selling Author, a Global Thought Leader and Alignment Coach, and a Zielo Corporate Coach, Laura's exploration forward into the awakening of global potential, is at the foundation of her mission.

When you are connected with the information that Laura provides, you become empowered as you begin to witness your own authenticity and recognition into your individualized state of genius. It is essential to the human condition that we remember why it is that we are here, and that is to evolve.

Laura's mission and legacy, is to create an energetic connection to the new sciences of knowledge, and to activate a higher understanding within the human community. We are destined to live a life of happiness, positivity and purpose. "The Science of Empowerment," if you are willing, will begin your journey into self-evolution, as this is where empowerment is created. 

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