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#708: Surrendering to Your Remembering

Season #7

Surrendering to Your Remembering with Julianna Whitlow, a Spiritual Mentor, Death Priestess and the CEO of a Clair Mindset, a lifestyle brand that helps women to connect back to their natural abilities and remember who they are on a Soul Level. 

She focuses on supporting others to open and expand their Clair's. Her signature process takes clients through a series of exercises to strengthen their energetic senses and empower them to trust their intuition, while also providing them a sacred container, so that they can essentially be reborn into a person who is connected, fulfilled and aligned with their mystical side.

As a Soul Seer, She is able to see a person's reason for reincarnation, their soul gifts, and who they are on a soul level, which then allows her to support them in "remembering." As a Death Priestess, she walks clients through the sacred journeys of death and rebirth, that we encounter throughout our life journey to become reborn into our truest forms.

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Programs: www.aclairmindset/surrender

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TikTok: A_Clair_Mindset

IG: @A_Clair_Mindset

FB: Julianna Whitlow

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