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Your Guide to Inner Beauty

Sep 27, 2022
Your Guide to Inner Beauty

18 Steps to Inner Beauty

We've all encountered someone who might not necessarily be described as very obviously physically beautiful, but who embodied a certain kind of beauty that made her incredibly attractive - an evidence of inner beauty radiating from without. He or she, becomes more beautiful than mere physical appearance could ever boast on its own. She becomes more beautiful than a supermodel!

Here are 18 Building Blocks of Inner Beauty You Can Very Simply (and Immediately) Put Into Action! Choose What Speaks to YOU!

Become rooted in your spirituality your connection to your higher power; inner beauty is a spiritual thing; practice gratitude for what you have and where you are in this moment;

Resolve to be kind to everyone; let your light shine through your eyes and in every smile you give;

Be a generous giver; an unexpected benefit of giving charitably of your time and service is that you feel gratified and it radiates outward;

Focus on letting go of the need for approval from anyone; stand firm in what you feel is right for you to do and don't look back; this kind of confidence is utterly attractive;

Be compassionate; put yourself - always, in the other one's shoes; when you do your heart warms and shines;

Allow other's their path; let go of the need to correct anyone else, no matter how off track you think they are; don't worry, they'll find their way;

Eradicate judgement from your life; know that there are always other sides to the story and that everything we perceive goes through our own personal, not usually objective filters;

Practice the Art of Zen; of being in the now moment; you won't necessarily achieve perfection or come even close to it, but the moments of success you will have, will take you very far along the road of inner stillness;

Practice Meditation every day; it will engender a tantalizing peace about you;

Refrain from talking about yourself unless someone asks; don't be the one who is so self-consumed that every conversation must revolve around you;

Nourish your mind and soul with uplifting, inspirational and spiritual texts;

Resolve and know that every single thing you do, you do on purpose; this higher level of consciousness will make you very attractive;

Just as we feel our physical bodies with nutrition, our Auric fields require nutrition, too; attend bonfires or sit in front of a bank of candles and let the light of the flames feed your aura, that electronic field that hums around your body; enjoy sea salt baths to cleanse the auric field;

Consciously open your communication channels to the Divine who resides within you; re-establish the easy back-and-forth flow of communion between you and your Creator;

Feel; don't think so much; get attuned to your  heart and live by it;

Be an Integrity person, a person of your word; say what. you mean and mean what you say;

Live in alignment with your core values and beliefs in all arenas of your life; don't compromise these or you will become very sad, unhappy, maybe even depressed, which is completely contrary to inner beauty;

Make your heart and soul an inner alter, where prayers and offerings are placed, build your alter over time; create a relationship with it, and intentionally and always infuse it with light and love.