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Tips for Navigating the Holiday Season!

ceremony coaching offerings Nov 19, 2023

As we come to the closing of the Season of Scorpio, Energetic Boundaries, Physical, Mental, even Emotional (the Moon), moving into the Holiday Season, things tend to speed up, emotions may get elevated, and you might even find that you are more easily triggered. One of my favorite spiritual practices during this Season is to honor our Inner Child. The part of us that often feels lost, unheard, forgotten, even under-valued.


When we do this, it reminds us that we have everything we need to be grounded and loved in ANY situation -- even with excitement, joy, overwhelm, the hustle and bustle, being overly-busy, and the not-so-easy loved ones in our lives.


You can't make everyone happy. And people pleasing can be a HUGE theme during this time. Here is your reminder to show up for YOURSELF first . . . and then, extend that love to those around you!


Tips for honoring your inner child this week:


✨ Get Crafty: When we get older we tend to only do crafts/get creative when it is "productive." We invite you to make something creative this week and PLAY while you do it! that may be a meal (Thanksgiving), a dinner playlist, hand drawn place settings, cards, or even making your holiday a liiiittttleee extra Woo-WOO with candles, crystals and card pulls!


✨REvisit Memoirs: Spend time walking down memory lane in order to give love and validation to your inner child. Close your eyes and recall a super happy childhood memory and also a more challenging memory. Journal on what came up for you, focusing on seeing and witnessing your inner child experience of those memories. See through a "New" set of Eyes.


✨Nurture your Inner Child through Honoring Your Gift, Your Purpose: Were you able to live in alignment with your Gift & Purpose when you were growing up?


If you are from the Fire Clan, were you able to Dream the Dream, connect with Spirit, share your intuitive eye without feeling judged? Awkward or Weird? If you are from the Water Clan, were you able to easily go with the flow and honor your inner peace? Flowing like the rivers? Or did you feel bound? Held up? If you are a Mineral or Metal Clan, were you able to use your voice, tell the stories, be a keeper of the Words, to be heard? Listened too? If you are from the Earth Clan, were you able to nurture yourself, Feel like you belong? If you are from the Nature Clan, were you able to be authentic? Transformative? Be Innovative? Be SEEN as the Wyldling you are? Be the Change the World needs to SEE?


As you practice living your Gift & Purpose in the present moment and give yourself permission to do these things, see this as an act of healing and reparenting your inner child. 


Grab your Moon Essential Oils - As for the Upcoming Full Moon in Gemini, Activating our Inner Genius, the Mind is Choreographing at an eclectic electric degree.


You may also wish to Craft or Create a blend for Cancer Moon Essential Oil, as Cancer is ruled by the Moon!


The Second Episode of Spill the Tea, is uploaded in the Online Coven. The Elementals and the Subtle Energies. 


You can can read more on my Musing Thoughts, or Go directly to YouTube for Both! 


🤍 Celebrating By Sipping on some Comforting Tea:

         1 1/4 Cup Licorice Root

         1 Cup Peppermint Leaves

         1/8 C. Fennel

         1/8 C. Basil

Mix together in a Bowl, Place in a Dry Sealed Container. Use a Tea Pot and simmer 5 minutes, Strain and enjoy! Can also be used for a Simmer Pot too!


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