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Summertime Feng Shui for your House or Property

May 16, 2024

8 Ways to Summer Feng Shui your House or Property

It’s summer and it’s party time! It’s a fun time anyway, but when you live in harmony with the seasons as illuminated by the Five Phases of Traditional Chinese Medicine, celebrating summer can take on a whole new meaning if you really do it right.

Summer is characterized by the element of Fire, the color red and the emotionality of joy and exuberance. It’s a flowering, expansive, outgoing, social kind of season and of course, heat is associated with it!

In addition to the obvious barbecue shindigs and picnicking get-togethers, you can elevate your celebrations and really dive into what it means to live in harmony with the season by applying a few Feng Shui principles to your home, property or party site:

  1. Brighten the path to your party with solar lights, torch lights or luminary bags.
  2. Host a late night bonfire for friends.
  3. Throw open your curtains and let the sunshine cleanse your home of mold spores and bacteria and it will draw energy into your home.
  4. Light a lamp with a red lamp shade inside your home.
  5. Enjoy the evening on your porch with an oil lamp lit nearby.
  6. Be a kid again and stick some pinwheels in the ground; the petals are sharp and pointy (the symbolic shape for summer) and make sure they’re bright in color as in red, orange and yellow; pinwheels resemble sunbursts.
  7. Grow some sunflowers and bring them into the home, or really, any summertime flowers, for that matter.
  8. Keep it bright by day and lit by night and celebrate well the Fire element’s blazing movement and joy!

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