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Reasons for a Plant-Based Lifestyle

plant-based Sep 27, 2022
Reasons for a Plant-Based Lifestyle

The Movement to living a plant-based lifestyle is catching on because people are not only becoming more aware, they are living more beautiful lives as a result. 

Each one of these reasons to move to a plant-based lifestyle is a post in itself. Stay Tuned!

  1. You get Healed. You name it, people have reported being healed of all kinds of serious and less serious diseases when they went vegan.
  2. You get Healthier. If you're healthy already, you'll get healthier. And then you'll realize you might not have been as healthy as you originally thought!
  3. You Lose Weight. Stick to the plants and excess weight effortlessly vanishes.
  4. You stop participating in the atrocious practices of animal farming.
  5. You drastically reduce your chances of consuming unlabeled animal by-products you would never eat, if you knew they were in that package of ______>
  6. You slow the aging process.
  7. You stop aching and hurting. Eating animal products causes inflammation (so does gluten).
  8. You get nicer. You no longer ingest hormones present in animal flesh, which can cause you to be aggressive.
  9. You get more inner peace. You're no longer taking in the energy of fear present when the animals were killed to offer sustenance.
  10. You get even more compassionate. Sparing the lives of innocent animals is a compassionate thing to do three meals a day, 365 days a year!
  11. You become kinder and gentler. Because plants are sweet and gentle, so will you be, even more so, than you already are!

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