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Mystic Message Monday {9/25/2023} Full Aries Harvest Moon

full moon meditation Sep 25, 2023

Welcome to the Season of Relating, Libra! The Sun shines light upon our relationships! How we relate to ourselves, inner world - How we relate to Others, day to day, and out in the world.

On September 29, 2023, the Aries Full Harvest Moon will arrive in all her Warrior brilliance.

The Throat Center, our Hearing Sister Gift - Clairaudience. Time to activate your spiritual truths, bring in sound healing, chant. Reflect upon your 7 year old self. A 6 degree full moon - open up your heart to be in partnership to YOURSELF!! Be your own BESTIE!

Full Moons illuminate completion, fertility, abundance and transformation. When the seeds of the New Moon come into the Harvest in this case.

Go inward, Solicit your inner Solitude. All things Aries in Nature, balance your response to yourself in action, character & behavior.

HOW DOES IT AFFECTS all 12 signs and where are you feeling a little more active? Aggressive in your relating to yourself? For me, it kind of feels like a "Gandhi" mOMent. Respond anew to your 6, 7 even 8 year young self.

The Fall is also the Season of a Fall-Clean-UP, or a Spring Tune-Up - depending where you are Harvesting on Planet Earth! Create beauty in all area's of your world.

We have a few other energies in the Cosmic Soup! Tune IN! Share the Excitement with Your Friends or Others that may need some inspo.

With our throat center activated in the Season of Libra, Our Sacral with the Moon - and our Root Center - I highly recommend you take my Change Your Stars Quiz, find out which of your intuitive gifts & psychic abilities are at there highest:

To make the most of this Celestial Lunar Event, its Spiritual significance, Ritual is a Fantastic Idea to incorporate into your practice.

Meditation & Contemplation

It's always a fantastic idea to reflect with the moon - the moon transits through the seasons, seasons being the Sign the Sun is in - finding inner peace. Allowing the illumination of the moon to really stream through your breathing.

If you are able to Reflect upon the last time the Moon was full in Aries, a year ago - acknowledge how far you have come. See your Accomplishments? Recognizing those arenas where your heart desires to grow. Aries energy is really encouraging initiation energy to be forward, confront those challenges head on. 

Setting Intentions:

After listening to the Musing Moon Meditation, Write down your intentions for the upcoming months. We have the action energy of Aries, fiery determination - that can assist us to establish clear, specific goals.

Using strong affirmative language, invoking then as you write down your intentions. Infuse them with the energy of the Harvest Full Moon.

Myself I am doing ritual with Fire. Sending my messages home to the Ancestors, the Great Spirit, Source, Invoking Visions, Dreams - I hope you do too!

I now have Essential Oil Moon Blends for your Creative Insights! Check out the Ritual Essential Oil Moon Blends!


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