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Mystic Message Monday {09/18/23} Connecting With Messages

Sep 18, 2023

As we finalize the Season of Virgo, with the Moon in Scorpio. You may feel the Secret Sauce. I actually did a 2-Part show for my YouTube Channel - Why? 

I felt like it was going to be over an hour long, I mused about connecting with our emotional field, clearing the cosmic webbing tree. Emotional looping, how to clear it. 

Then today, we have how to connect with beings. Beings of the World, and also the Unseen. The Hidden Lessons in Nature, Getting the Memo!

I hope do so hope you enjoy the show!

Listen to this weeks Mystic Message Monday Below. Watch this weeks YouTube Show, Two Parts:

Having Faith in Reality? Spirit Takes Form . . .

The Element of the Week, and the Messages from the Fae

These are the doTERRA items, my must haves for the winter season , for health - overall well-being. Chose what resonates and delete the rest ;) 

On Guard is truly my favorite to Boost the Immune System!


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