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Mystic Message Monday {09/11/23} New Moon in Virgo inspires a Wardrobe Update!

Sep 11, 2023

This week the treasure box is opening. Navigating our Storyline. I don't know about you, but I have always had a "back draft," a Soul Narrative, a Storyline. A thickening agent.   

I would say my storyline started with my NDE, Blessed by Death - returning to get the memo. Seeing into other worlds, Realms was natural for me. At the time, I "scared people," mostly friends - I think.  From there I started in the Beauty Industry, "Beauty and the Beast - Let the Beauty in You Shine!" Chakras, Energy Medicine, Chinese Medicine & Astrology, Ayurveda, Energetic Skin & Body Care, even down to the Shaman I was blessed to be a protege' of, Elder Malidoma Some.'   

You may find this week that destiny is calling. Your gift and purpose is on the rise. Are you going to answer?  

Watch this weeks Mystic Message Monday for this weeks insights, and also tune into the Daily Snippet - as the Messages, the Oracle - is also in Divine Alignment   

These are the items, my must haves for the winter season , for health - overall well-being. Chose what resonates and delete the rest ;)  

On Guard is truly my favorite to Boost the Immune System!


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