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Mystic Message Monday {08/28/23} Inner Faith Becomes New

Aug 27, 2023

The Second Full Moon in the Month of August, where we become something, initiated by Spirit.

The axis of Reality, the Physical and Spirit. We can't change the Physical, the Material World While we are focused on the Material World.

Where we focus our energy, our attention, to is where energy goes. So, if we want to transform our Reality, we elevate our non-material asset - our connection to spirit - Our Higher Self.

Accessing Faith, Inner Faith - to bring Spirit to the Material Plane. We go through this every year. We have different algorithms happening is all.

Side notes:

Virgo What You Be to you, is what comes, How you treat yourself on the inside, is what reality looks like outside of you

Libra What is your inner Spirit Reflection is what comes, lands in Reality

Scorpio what friending is to your inner world, is what comes. Becoming your Own Best Friend INside

Sagittarius what your reality is shows as being self-disciplined, How you do or don't discipline your inner world, reflects

Capricorn bring a new belief into their reality. The Reality of Believing in themselves

Aquarius Becomes Reality, Kidding - when you Trust in yourself, You Become trustworthy to yourself

Pisces when you connect to spirit, you partner with your higher self. Reality brings you spirit partners inner partnering - divine connection

Aries What you embody is what comes, being embodied as a healer, a hero, taking care of their physical body, they become empowered. Nutrition Work, Better Health, Vitality

Taurus What you create, express, inner child love radiates out into reality.

Gemini what you feel is what comes into your inner world reality

Cancer what you think is what comes into your inner world reality

Leo what your heart values, comes into your inner world reality

Join me Live this week as we embody doing an Inner Fall Cleanup. Rising of the Origins on Facebook Live Show

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