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Mystic Message Monday {08/14/23} Leo New Moon

Aug 14, 2023

On the cusp of a New Moon in Leo. . . What phase of the Moon were you born into? This Weeks Mystic Message Monday!!

The Sun in Leo is What our Heart Loves, the Moon in Leo is What we Feel we LOVE. When the Sun and the Moon collide, We Believe in the Hearts Desires and Wishes, with a Feeling. This NEW moon brings us a new Attitude, A new Vision for our Future. What you Feel in your Heart, What you Believe in YOUR Heart. Along with an Earth Trine: Capricorn/Pluto/Boundaries/Committing, Taurus/Uranus/Innovating/Manifesting, Virgo/Reality/Mars/Healing. Karmic Wounds are the Initiator - the Past has already happened, we are moving on ward and upward.

However, this E-Video is ALL about the Phases of the Moon ;) 

The Moon relates to our Sacral Center, our Inner Child. Explore your Inner Feeling Self. Watch the expression of Little kids. We return to this place often, every month - when the Sun is in the High Degrees of a sign, and during the month, as the Moon navigates the Suns Sign.

As a Scorpio Moon, Emotions run DEEP - Protected. Pluto. The Shaman's Portal.

Share your Moon Sign and the Phase of your natal moon in the comments.

The messages of this week are from the Shadowscape, all or mostly I should say - Royalty, Queens and Kings. Live on Youtube, the Daily Snippet. 🌞🌛 Celestial Harmonies: Songs of the Sun & Moon 🎵

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To Listen to the Musing New Moon Meditation for the Leo New Moon, Go here!


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