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Mystic Message Monday {07/31/23}: The Aquarius Sturgeon Full Moon!

messages monday mystic Jul 31, 2023

Welcome to the Full Moon in Aquarius, not any Full Moon either. . . The Weeks Mystic Message Monday!!


The Sun is what we Love, and the Moon is What we Feel. 


Bringing us to an Initiation, something that we Initiate, Act Upon detaching away from, so we may attach to something that does belong. 

Even the Message for today is in alignment with todays energy. You can watch the Full Stream of this Weeks Messages, 👑 The CEO Manifesto: Embrace Your Power and Conquer with Certainty! 👊

This weeks E-Video is all about prepping for the Full Moon, Asking Ourselves What are we able to detach from that is or has not been serving our Heart Center, and What are we able to Attach to (as we make room after we do detach) that is in Our Hearts Alignment.

Visit the Medicine Wheel. Watch the Muse - Let me know what you Feel, and what you LOVE! 

This week kick's off with us taking the time and the space necessary to detach from things that are not in support of our Love Story, and attaching to things that are in support of our Love Story.

We go through this process every Leo Season - where we return to our Inner Child Like Wonder. Romancing our Stone - the Heart Center Activates around 4 1/2 to 6 1/2, a return to our Child Like Wonder.

Thank YOU for sharing my show - my Musing Moon Meditation for this Full Moon hit its ALL time record HIGH!

Oh MY Goddesses!!

Arigato - Thank YOU!

The Messages this week ALL have the number 5, which is our mind - mercury. With Mercury in Virgo, our thoughts have the ability to Become REAL. Beyond the idea of how Thoughts Create REALITY.

If you aren't a member of the Rising of the Origins, you can do so here:

I tend to go live there more often.

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To Listen to the Musing Moon Meditation for the Aquarius Full Moon go here! 

If your Heart is Nudging you to Go GREEN! I am starting to recalibrate my Nutrition Quotient, you too can join me with doing a "GREEN" Smoothie for 40 Days! 



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