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Mystic Message Monday {07/24/23}: The Season of the Sun, The Heart Today!

Jul 24, 2023

Welcome to the Season of the Heart, Leo Season - as we kick off the first week .... Mystic Message Monday!!


The Sun is what we Love, and we all have a Sun and a Heart, even the Tin Man. 


Leo is the Heart, the Pie in the Sky. The Sun Shines upon everything it touches, just ask a Leo Sun, Moon or Rising!


The first week of the Season of Leo we are connecting to our Child Like Wonder, the Star that we are on the Spiritual Walk of Fame. 


What your Heart Desires is Unique and Individual to YOU! Myself, I really started to Dive into Morning Pages. Tuning into, Visualizing how my day is going to unfold. 


Scrubbing my 'Auric Field' - I even found an "energy marker" ;( - not sure who put it there, but either way "Return to Sender!"


This weeks E-Video is all about raising our field, our energy vibration. Watch the Muse - Let me know what you Feel, and what you LOVE! 


Also, Listen to the Archangel of Leo, Raziel. 


For DoTerra Products:


I may start a blog with my Favorite items, I really am loving that

Rose Duet: 


And I keep most of the On Guard Products on hand: 


Along with the Deep Blue:



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