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Mystic Message Monday {07/17/23}: The New Moon in Cancer Arrives Today!

Jul 17, 2023

Welcome to the New Moon in Cancer and .... Mystic Message Monday!!  I am going to play with this new way of connecting with you ALL. Doing a "Video" email on Monday.

These Videos will be "Privately" listed for only those of you that are in my Private Groups or part of the Musing News Subscribers. 

I created a Meditation in this Video email, be sure to get in your comfy clothes and connect with the Goddess of the Night. Nurturing our Emotional Field.   

Ask Yourself where is it that you FEEL you Need to Nurture Yourself More? At work? At Play? Health? Wealth? The Village? Partnerships?  

You may just FEEL the Intensity of What your Inner Emotional Field has been nudging you to Feel. Water is an AMAZING Ritual to utilize during the next few days! And as you will soon "See," when you watch this first Video - Emotions - Flowing with your Emotions - ASHE! Ashe' ashe'  

Also, coming up this week - as we enter into the Season of our Heart, aka Leo Season - Remember, the Sun Shines Light Upon Everything it Touches - and that includes YOU! With Venus going Retrograde in the Season of our Heart Center - the Sacred Circle Meditation will be cleansing our Chalice, so Love Streams in.   

Doterra Rose Duet - I am loving this by the way -for probably some pretty obvious reasons! And Honestly, I am not really sure how long they will have it. Kind of Curious if its a teaser ;) 

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