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Mother and Summer

fire element four pillars moon summer May 09, 2024

According to the Wu Xing, the 5-Element Theory of Chinese Medicine, the 72 days of Summer (May 6th-July 19th) is a period of multiplying, overflowing, flowering, energy and fire. The “Emotionality” of Summer is Exuberance and Joy.

What could be a better description of ‘Mother’ than this–Mother, who is the vehicle for multiplying life, and who, like a flower brims over with exuberance, joy and the fire of love for her children, even for children who are not even her own?

Mother and Summer just go together really well.

Just like Summer is known for outdoor celebrations, Mother brings families and friends together. She makes meals for them and gathers them around picnic and dining tables making sure everyone’s had plenty of great food to eat and a good time.

Summer is about fostering our relationships and strengthening bonds of companionship (even among family members) and Mother often helps make this possible.

She helps transform the family unit at a fundamental level just by bringing and keeping everyone together in love and joy however she can.

Just like the lavender essential oil used in PHYTO5 Summer energetic season skincare, Mother soothes and comforts.

She puts bandaids on skinned knees of her kids playing hard during Summer vacation and suntan lotion on tender skin to prevent sunburn. She cares, not just for our physical wounds, but our emotional wounds, too.

She’s who we often go to for comfort and advice because we know she’ll help us find ways to cope with challenging situations. Even when we’re much older and Mother is no longer with us, we may often find ourselves pining for the love, comfort and tenderness she gave.

She’s a balance of yin and yang, and she knows when to be hard and when to be soft.

Just as Fire is the element of Summer, Mother is the firelight of the family. She brightens our life journey with her guidance and wisdom as if lighting a dark pathway with a lantern.

She makes our house a home with the gentle fire of glowing candles and brilliant fiery colorful flowers. She throws open the curtains to let the sunshine stream in, keeping home bright by day and gently lit by night.

Like Summer, Mother is creative and productive. She gets the job done! Always! There’s almost nothing she can’t do. She’s a virtual Superwoman.

She’s amazing. She’s boundless. She’s exuberantly generous. She’s the light of the family’s life!

Where does all of Mother’s energy come from? The fire of her love.

But she may not be as appreciated as she should be. We often take her for granted knowing she’s always going to be there for us. We know that as long as she is able, she’s going to help make our lives bright and lovely. It’s just what she does. We forget or we may not even know how much she has given and sacrificed for us all along.

This Mother’s Day is one of many opportunities to shower Mother with our love and appreciation. Make it a fantastic day for her. Make her life easier and more luxurious.

The high grade essential oils used in PHYTO5 skincare have a high vibratory frequency and are very potent in the benefits they offer. In this regard, are unmatched. She’ll love them!

And if you’re a mother yourself, it’s always okay, in fact, necessary that you give back to yourself.

Finally, share with us one of your good memories of Mother? We may post yours anonymously in an upcoming email and blog post! Stay tuned!


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