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Lions Gate Portal 2023: How to Connect with this Celestial Alignment

lion's gate lion's gate portal meditation sirius Aug 03, 2023

In the Cosmic World, the Galactic Frontier, arriving on the 8th Day of the 8th Month every year, we find this potent energy called "the Lion's Gate Portal." An energy marker to Manifest, bringing our Dreams into Reality. Our Hearts Dreams!! What we Love is What comes- True Heart Alignment!! Even though this gateway began its opening on the 28th of July - it peaks on the 8th of August until the 12th.

What even is the Lion's Gate Portal?

The Alignment of the Sun in Leo, the star Sirius (the Brightest Cosmic Star in the Sky), along with Orion's Belt and the Earth.

In Cosmic terms, the fixed star known to have the qualities of the planet Jupiter, Sirius - ignites our Star Power, making it a magical day for manifestation, What your Heart Desires becomes REAL! I like to see this energy of the place where magic happens, dreams do come true!! Heart aligned Dreams and Wishes - Of course this all plays out in my 11th house - Grand Daddy Wishes too!!

Be the Rising Star that you are! The foundation of the Star Sirius is a tool we can use to magnify our efforts, keep the fires burning until fruition. 

The Infinite 8? The power of 8, in Numerology and in Astrology. A numbers game, 8 embellishes across all realms, brings shifts, balances, equalizes leading to harmony, bliss alignment. When in Divine Alignment, under the influence of this gatekeeper, are you willing to allow and just let things go? Things that have been tipping the scales? So that you can access success & peace? Idea's that seem far-fetched, out of reach, accessing achievements, financial security, leadership, organizations, and ambition (All things tenth house, Saturn & Capricorn) are all expressions of the Vibration of Number 8.

Even the infinity symbol, an 8 on its side - use cinnamon on your money, sigil magic - representing limitless energy, power, infinite subtle energy! A symbol that flows, I would say streams without any end in sight. The continuous flow of circles. The signature shape of our DNA structure, stores codes that we can actually access, Divine Codex. Very Powerful during the Lion's Gate!

Besides our Heart Channel being open, Leo the Sun - the Inner Child Like Wonder. Our individual expression of the Star that we ultimately are, Divine Light expression. Leo rules our Heart, our physical and our Subtle Heart. This energy awakens the Lioness or Lion within, sharing our Light, our Brilliance - along with all the other beings, being seen, shared - opening up fully to be heart felt received. If our heart is open, feeling daring, brilliant - to cross the Universal Streams, this portal is nudging us towards the threshold of Divine alignment, the Source of our true authenticity. Our power - accessing it, actualizing it, acknowledging it - so we can bring it in, in all the ways we actually are created to shine, our Brilliance. 

We also have the power of the Solar Plexus, our Solar Power Window! Amplifying our own power, self confidence, mental clarity, self-esteem, courage to roar, in healthy ways. Assisting us with prosperity, the cycle of manifesting - the power of words. If your star light has been struggling with lack of, you can utilize this energy portal to guide your personal streams of thought in the direction of abundance, tapping into the frequency of flow - dissipating lack.

I created a Lion's Gate Portal Meditation for this Seasons Gateway. Along with some essential oils that you can utilize to bring it all home. Remember, Manifesting can take on a plethora of forms - actually we Manifest all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. Below are some common ways, an Ethereal Guide on how to manifest during this Celestial Gateway. 


  • Focusing in on, aligning with more than positive energy, a heightened vibrational frequency, so that you may then take your awareness further. Feeling into the omnipresence of the Moon (as a Reflector, I AM ALL about the Goddess of the Night), the Stars, the Planets, even out into the Galaxy, hone in the their energy!
  • I like to Pronounce, InVOKE - Use the Spoken word, Saying my Manifestations, Dreams, Wishes out loud. Write them down daily in my Journal, or a piece of paper daily during this time - Be Specific as to what your Heart Desires, crafting it with words.
  • Continue to Write, Say, Invoke your Dreams, Wishes, Manifestations continuously, to get you in the flow of the FEELINGS of what it FEELS like. Emotions are like an Adjective in Consciousness. Establishing the connection to spirit, the unseen - when you FEEL it and You BELIEVE it, you have then established a Divine Knowing in the Physical Realm.
  • Allow all your expectations, outcomes to go - Imagine throughout the day, Seeing your Manifestations, Dreams, Wishes as a knowing, an Inner Believing as it has already Manifested, and IS - Becoming Real, landing in Reality.

As part of the Lion's Gate Portal Meditation, here are some essential oils, blends and my Favorite Duet:

Basil, Cinnamon Bark, Wild Orange, and Cedarwood with a Piece of Citrine to bring in abundance, and an extra hit of Manifesting Magic!

Rose Essential Oil

Rose Oil holds a higher vibration than most oils on the planet. A magical, powerful essence that activates the heart center, inviting us to love ourselves more with unwavering unchanging unconditional love of the Great Spirit, the Oneness

Rose Duet

 For all purposes, my latest favorite Duet! Rose! Give your skin a freshie! As part of your Daily Ritual. This duet will not let you down!! Shower your skin and your body with Love!!

 Peace Essential Oil

Blend for Inner Peace, Forgiveness, Reconciliation.

Utilize this blend to assist you if you feel as if you lack inner peace, to assist in feeling connected to spirit, the Oneness, Source Creator, where we ALL thrive. Peace invites us to connect to the Waters, to get in the flow, to connect to the true source of never ending inner peace. Allowing us to let go of control, excess attachments - so that we experience the incredible peace that flows, the divine flow of inner peace.

Console Essential Oil

Console is an essential oil blend to reign in light, where there may be darkness. It reminds us that we are surrounded by light, filled with crystalline energy. Light that can never be taken, destroyed or diminished, A reassuring blend that broken things can mend, Hearts due heal, lives can be reconciled and restored. Overcoming obstacles. Light always shines in the Darkest Spaces.



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