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Leo Full "Wolf" Moon 2024

full moon leo reflector ritual Jan 24, 2024

Arriving on your Celestial Airwaves we have a Leo Full "Wolf" Moon! January 25th, 2024 at 12:54pm Eastern, 9:54am Pacific. Full moons are the bounty, the Harvest of past new moon intentions. Being that the Sun is shining upon us in Aquarius, this full moon brings in the heart of our desires, Leo.

The Sun shines upon all the things, and the Moon emotes. This Full Moon is the Yang, Leo the Sun, within the Yin, the Moon. This full moon is arriving at the 5th degree, being mindful of what our heart loves. Along with creating boundaries around innovative thoughts. (Pluto in Aquarius). 

I created the Musing Moon Meditation and the Ritual for this Full Moon. You can tune in create your sacred space, connect to the Elementals. Be sure to watch the Leo Full "Wolf" Moon Ritual, as I bring in the Four Pillars of Chinese Destiny. 


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