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Addressing ALL your Facial "Feng Shui" Zones at Once

Feb 01, 2024


Facial Clay Masks Are On a Trend


5-Clay Mask Therapy (also known as multi-masking) Addresses All Your Facial Zones at Once


In the December 2015 issue, Skin, Inc. Magazine lists “multi-masks” as third in a list of ten spa trends for 2016. Consumers, Skin, Inc. reports, are very attracted to the therapy, so much so that skincare manufacturers are developing colored clays to respond to the demand.

Says Skin, Inc., Multi-masking (#multimasking) is the use of a number of masks to address different skin care concerns, and it is a great way to treat different facial zones all at once.


PHYTO5® has not only perfected its signature balancing 5-Clay Mask therapy, we do believe we are the originator of it. What’s more, our five clays are energetic having already been blended with high vibrational essential oils, something other skincare manufacturers cannot claim. It is very interesting to find a multi-mask photo in Skin, Inc. Magazine which almost exactly duplicates our method!


PHYTO5® goes beyond what other spas and skincare clinics go with colored clay masks by adding the energy of light, also known as chromotherapy.


PHYTO5® uses its very own award winning light technology system to achieve this. PHYTO5® light therapy is used to amplify the activity of clay masks and to work on acupuncture points and the chakras concerned (energy flow and centers).


Why PHYTO5® 5-Clay Masks Are Important


If more than one skin condition is present, it is clear that although one treatment will help, it is not likely to treat all of the conditions in one treatment. More than one condition implies that the energetic imbalance causing the first condition has existed for a long time and engendered another energetic imbalance causing the second condition, therefore the energetic problem is more than superficial. It is layered. To regain a balanced condition most probably will require a sustained effort over a series of treatments.


The primary function of the clay is to move fluids from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface; in so doing it facilitates both hydration and the drawing out of impurities from the skin.


The PHYTO5® facial addresses the energetic imbalance with two energetically potent products, the high vibration serum (Phyt’Ether) and the Colored Clay Mask. Both products are selected either according to the skin condition or the energetic season in the case of balanced skin.


PHYTO5® naturally colored clays for face, body and scalp are comprised of clay/kaolin and marine sediment. Our uniquely formulated blends of essential oils give the clays additional properties that are quite effective in balancing the conditions of the periods between the energetic seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.


High quality and extremely rich in minerals, our colored clays cleanse, purify, nourish and revitalize. Best applied to face and/or body after cleansing and toning, it is beneficial to use Phyt’Ether under the colored clay mask to reinforce its energetic action.


Balanced skin is a blessing to be preserved. It can be maintained with good lifestyle habits and personalized skincare regimentation. The balancing 5-Clay Mask facial is a treatment protocol specifically created and proven for balanced and beautiful skin.

Elemental Energy and the Pathways of the Skin, as the Body Speaks a a Language of its own. When the body speaks it offers us a key, an opportunity to open the door to access optimal Health, Beauty and Well-ness. Curious about the tell-tale signs of the skin? An Evening of Elemental Energy, gives insights into messages of our inner world, reflected on the outer world, aka the skin. 

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