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Earth Season ~ Time to Detoxify

Jan 18, 2024

Many people experience illness, fatigue and symptoms more during the change of season than in any particular season. In Chinese Medicine, this is a weakness in the transitional energy which is governed by the element Earth. The Inter-Season is a time when the nervous system will be most affected, along with the  spleen and stomach. Discovering the benefits of intensive body and skin cleansing during the change of season can help to eliminate localized weight gain in the abdomen and legs, along with lymphatic circulation, cellulite, cysts and acne. This time is the basis of all elements and the Earth Element is most often experienced as the core of disharmony.

Disconnection with the Earth Element is the major contributing factor to all disease by burdening the body with toxins, debris and pathogens. When we feel “grounded,” we feel rejuvenated and balanced. Our energy is shared through Earth keeping our feet on the ground and keeping our electrical bodies balanced.

I recommend a Cleanse or Detoxification at least twice a year and in an “Earth Phase” These Dates are two weeks at the end of January, April, July and October.

Health in Every Season

In ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, every season has its own dominant element and therefore a unique set of body issues, symptoms, temperament, foods and tendencies.  By identifying the dominant seasonal element in your birth chart, you can recognize the tendencies that you will have and the chronic challenges your body will face as you age.

Your dominant element has an influence over the harmony of your body and your skin.  The effects of these elements will rise and fall throughout the various seasons of the year creating different symptoms.  Influences such as weather, humidity, environment, terrain, pollution can all stress your natural element creating disharmony between the body, the skin and your environment.

I have therapies that are designed to create harmony within as well as without, maintaining balance with the season and the environment so that your body can be healthy, strong and vital.  Highly skilled and trained extensively in body characteristics, symptomatic evaluation, energetic influence as well as detoxification methods, My sessions are unique, personalized and unlike anything you have experienced before. It is the future of wellness …

Is Juicing Healthy?


TOXINS ARE REMOVED – As toxins accumulate internally they can lead to inflammation, diseases and a compromised immune system. Fruits and Vegetables help to release trapped toxins.

YOU ARE CONSUMING LARGE AMOUNTS OF VEGETABLES – Most people don’t get their recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables to begin with, and drinking juices is an easy way to provide the body with them.

ENERGY LEVELS ARE INCREASED – You may feel more alert and focused because there are fewer artificial additives and chemicals in your body. Many juicers find they sleep better.

SKIN LOOKS CLEARER AND RADIANT – As the Liver is detoxed, and there are fewer chemicals in the body, the skin is purged and tend to look better.

MINIMAL WEIGHT LOSS – On the average you can expect to lose a few pounds, some of which is water weight.

THE IMMUNE SYSTEM MAY BE STRENGTHENED -Immunity is said to be boosted, so it’s thought that you’re less susceptible to allergies and becoming sick.

The Downsides

YOU MAY FEEL BLOATED AND/OR CONSTIPATED – Lack of fiber can make the stomach feel full and uncomfortable.

CRAVINGS FOR SUGAR AND CARBS – Changing your diet drastically, even if it is only for a few days, can make you crave sweets and carbs. Any withdrawal from caffeine or sugar can cause headaches.

WEIGHT MAY BE REGAINED – “The results are often not sustainable, so people end up gaining weight back,” says Dr. Lipman

The Right Way to do a Juice Cleanse

To reap the benefits of a cleanse, you need to follow the rules. “It’s pointless to do one if you are going to cheat because you’re getting out of elimination mode and restarting your digestion. When this happens, the body can’t put its attention on detoxification,” explains Lawless

BEFORE – The body needs to be prepped so it isn’t overloaded by too many fruits and vegetables without the solid foods it may be used to. Cut out processed foods, dairy, refined carbs, meat, coffee and alcohol for a few days before. Stick to whole grains, greens and sprouts and drink plenty of water. My General Doctor recommended I go on a “Plant Based” diet.

DURING – Stay away from solid foods, but drink as much water as you want — Herbal Teas are great, (I have them at the studio), too! “The body needs to be kept out of digestion mode so it can focus on elimination. Juices have o fiber so the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and enzymes are ready for absorption,” says Lawless

AFTER – Slowly reintroduce clean, solid, organic foods and begin with those that have a high water cogent, like apples, cucumbers, and watermelon; after a day or two add in lean protein. Incorporate juices with a snack as a meal. The key is to eliminate inflammatory foods like sugar and gluten,” says Dr. Lipman.

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