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Creating a Spectacular Summer ~ Benefits of Having Fun

Jun 20, 2024

Take advantage of Summer’s energies and get yourself so firmly rooted in all this positive that you easily carry the feel-good benefits into Fall!

 Here are 15 spectacular benefits of having fun at any time of year, but if ever there’s a time to have fun, it’s Summer!

  1. Pain can be relieved.
  2. Brain function improves.
  3. Creativity surges.
  4. Mental, even physical youth is fostered.
  5. Relationships are strengthened when having fun with others. It builds connections and solidifies social bonds.
  6. Emotional wounds may be healed.
  7. Sleep patterns become more regulated (because serotonin in the brain increases).
  8. Memory is enhanced.
  9. Your body temperature becomes more balanced (again because of increased serotonin levels).
  10. Coping skills seem to be magically more available to you.
  11. Energy increases.
  12. Overall positive feelings become the norm.
  13. You become more productive in your life.
  14. LOVE happens!
  15. You become transformed at a cellular level.

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