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Clarifying the Energetic Affects of the Seasons

Feb 09, 2023

When to Switch from Water to Earth?

Clarifying the Effect of the Energetic Seasons on Your Skincare Regime:

January 17 was the end of the energetic season of the Water element associated with the Winter energy.

This means that the energetic influence of Water will cease operating and from the 18th of January to the 4th of February the seasonal energetic activity “returns to Earth” for 18 days before it reappears on the 5th of February as the energy of the Spring season (Wood element).

How does this change affect your skincare regimen and your choice of products?

We need to remember that there is a lag time between the change of energetic influence and the visible consequences, or symptoms, of the change.

When the Water season ends, its climatic influence is still felt. At that time, the climate in most of the U.S. is still one of Winter, particularly in the Northern half of the country, and the need to protect against the cold and its effects on our skin is still present and not to be ignored. 

For most people it means that a continuation of the Winter regimen is quite logical as long as the Winter climate is in effect. But, the people who have a predisposition to Earth conditions (pimples, blemishes or acne, and issues of lymph circulation) need to be aware that with the Earth season their condition will likely worsen. They are the people who need to switch lines (and professional treatments) on time.

The Earth season is also the best time to address the issues of the earth skin conditions. 

For some people using both the Water products and the Earth products might be called for depending on the individual’s condition and the climate at the time.

Because the Water products are also anti-aging products (hydration and tone), given the age and skin condition of the individual, the Water line might be the right choice for most of the year. 

For many of our clients in the U.S., it is important to prolong the use of the Water line past the January 17 unless their dominant concern is the skin conditions associated with the Earth element. In that case, switching to Earth is recommended.

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