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Born in the Spring? Green UP!

Feb 22, 2024

Not only is GREEN the 5-Element color for the  Spring season and Wood element and the color of plants that sprout in the Spring, it’s the color of the food we’re smart to consume during the season.

During Spring, we focus on bringing the liver and gall bladder organs and meridians into balance.

Consume these green foods during the Spring season to rejuvenate your liver!

  • Drink green juices made of leafy greens, cucumber and a bit of green apple.
  • Really go for it and drink an ounce or so of fresh-pressed wheatgrass juice as often as your body tells you to.
  • Add chlorophyll-rich foods to your smoothies like barley grass, chlorella, spirulina, blue green algae, ceremonial grade matcha green tea, parsley, kale and spinach.
  • Drink hot mint tea to soothe the liver’s chi energy.
  • Eat more green “bitters” like rye, romaine, asparagus, endive and dandelion greens which will also help to alleviate springtime allergies.

Pay Attention to Your Inner Dynamic Duo! 

In Chinese Medicine, your liver and gall-bladder are paired. This means that anything you do to strengthen one will strengthen the other …

Gall-bladder is the Yang Organ for Spring according to the 5-Element Theory of Chinese Medicine.

Best eating practices to maintain a healthy gallbladder are:

  • Eat fiber rich foods;
  • Consume fresh fruits and vegetables
  • If you eat meat, make it lean!
  • If  you eat dairy, make it low fat!
  • Add walnuts and almonds to your diet. Some studies have shown them beneficial for preventing gallstones;
  • Research shows that moderate amounts of coffee may help too.
  • Keep your weight in check.


Start a habit of drinking your Salad! I find it takes 40 days to switch up an old habit into a new one. 

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