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Ancestral Blessing Bowl

ancestor blessing bowl ritual spiritual Jan 24, 2024

How often do you honor those that have come before you? Honoring, Remembering our Ancestors is one vital way where they respond in kind. When we pay the debts of our Ancestors' they respond in kind with a favor. 

One way to create a substantial offering, which then aligns in our favor. Is to create a blessing bowl. I tend to call everything a blessing bowl, even if I place it upon a plate. Follow these simple directions and watch as the 'blessings' flow!

If you are not able to find these items reach out! I found them at 'Crone's Hollow.'

  1. On the border of your $100 dollar bill, write your desire in the border script, without lifting your pen.
  2. Write the same desire on your wish paper. (I am using the handmade herbal papers from 'Crone's Hollow pictured).
  3. If your heart desires to gain something, roll the bill towards you. If your desire is to make something go away, roll the bill away from you.
  4. Burn the bill in a fireproof dish.
  5. Go outside and burn the wish paper. *If your desire was to make something go away, let the paper float away. If your desire is to gain something, catch the ashes and hold them to your heart, while at the same time feeling/sensing/visioning your wish coming true.

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