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An Elemental Philosophy

Apr 18, 2024

The skin requires at least 21 days in order to rejuvenate and for all the cells to replicate.  Therefore if you plan to spend four weeks focusing on your skin, you can not only treat the skin, removing years of wear and tear visibly from the skin, but also learn about the ways in which you make choices that accelerate the aging process of your skin.  By working with your lifestyle choices and understanding the effects of these choices on the skin, you can prevent up to 60% of accelerated skin degeneration.  By the end of the four weeks, you will have fewer wrinkles, reduced cellulite, more flexibility in the skin and scars will be less visible. This will provide more lasting natural results than any surgical or invasive technique available today.  The therapies and products that are suggested here are not only natural, they are the culmination of years of clinical research in Europe and testing with thousands of clients.  And this is not just about the face. Skin doesn’t end at the chin or neck, it extends over every inch of your body right to the bottom of your feet and the tips of your fingers.  So treatment of the skin must cover the entire body as well in order to maintain a lasting result.

First we begin with your skins natural element. The skin products and treatments that you have used throughout your life have always been based on the idea that skin is normal, oily or dry, or a combination of these. In fact, the skin is actually an extension of the tissues of the body. It is alive just as all of our other tissues are.  We would never think of treating the inside of the body simply as normal, oily or dry, so why the skin? Instead try to see the skin in the same way you view your liver or your heart… as a system that works best when in balance.

The Chinese do this best by treating the skin differently in different seasons. In the Chinese Five Element theory, we have a natural biorhythm that follows the seasons as well as a birth biorhythm which is our body’s inherent requirements for health. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The interaction between these two biorhythms, that of our birth and that of the season, can create imbalances which affect not just our body systems, but also our skin.

Natural compounds have been developed to bring these two elemental aspects into balance and to provide insight into the weaknesses and imbalances that are natural to your skin in certain seasons. For instance, Fire imbalances will cause red, sensitive and blotchy skin, even couperose.  There will be excessive perspiration and a red, irritated scalp. This person may also have problems with arterial circulation. So Fire skins will have a much more difficult time in the summer, when perspiration and heat are at a high level. Fire skins will need cooling compounds to balance the excessive heat from without and within.  Metal skin will have dull, lifeless skin with congestion, puffiness and even a dry, flaky appearance.  Their scalp will be dry with brittle hair and nails. They may even have a problem with varicose veins.  Metal skin will have a more difficult time in the winter, when artificial heating and low humidity will make the skin even drier.

Which brings us to Products that are Elemental

The products that will make the most difference for the skin are those that are based on this elemental theory.

I use clays, gels, creams, lotions and PhytEther Oils that all provide an energetic therapy for the skin with colors, plants and herbs.  Each therapeutic treatment utilizes an individual assessment of your birth and seasonal elements to create blends of these compounds to restore optimal balance to the skin and perfect health to the underlying tissues of the body that feed and nourish the skin. In this way every type of skin, every nuance of the skin is addressed, balanced and supported.  Even a condition such as acne may require different compounds in a Fire skin than in a Wood skin, or may need varying formulas in winter than in summer.

Layering of compounds is another core aspect of these therapeutic techniques.  This allows more elaborate changes to take place. For instance dryness may require not just more moisture, but less body heat, two results that can be obtained simultaneously with layering.  Layering also can be used to protect delicate skin areas from heat applications that are important for other areas of the skin.  Skin can even have different requirements in different areas.  Earth element skins will tend to have gallbladder weaknesses, so layering over the gallbladder area may actually reduce problems in the skin of the face.

Curious and want to learn more about the Energetics of the Skin? The Elementals? The skin is part of a magical echoing system that shares Tell-Tale signs of what is going on inside the body. Learn about Energetic and Elemental Skin Care, or Dive into Gift & Purpose, both online Offerings in my Virtual Library! 

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