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 My name is Tonya Dee, which translates to "Priceless Fairy Queen." And if you know me, I spend time "Feeding the Fae!" 

I am a Holistic Shaman and Medium, An OtherWorldly Life Coach, and Subtle Energy Surgeon. I go my the term "Holistic Sha'Medium" merging them ALL into one insightful Offering to guide you on your own Journey.

I am here with a Realm of OtherWorldly Beings, Angels, Elementals, the Fae and More, ready to assist you to take the World by Storm, gaining insight, clarity - the Ancient Wisdom in your Bones! Creating Sacred Space - Rituals, Prescriptions and Offerings!

my Cosmic Resume' . . .  

In WESTERN ASTROLOGY, I AM a GEMINI: Being a 27 Gemini, I can't talk as fast as I Feel and Sense! I literally have to consciously ground and sit on my hands, Action is the end number to my Star Story.

MOON in SCORPIO: Not only is it in the Season of Pluto, but it's in its. house of Joy and in its Fall. This is where the "Shaman Faery Queen" comes in.

VIRGO RISING: Hello Healer! I go from the Emotional state of Pluto into Reality - Virgo!

NUMEROLOGY: I merge the Cosmic Highway with the Elemental Realm - On the Highway I have Spirit activated when I Open UP to RECEIVE, I call it the Spiritual Hall of Fame, or the Channel I Subscribe too.

HUMAN DESIGN: I Am a REFLECTOR! No Shift there! Imagine waiting an entire Lunar Cycle by Design, following the Moon. Reflecting, being Optimistic and Surprised by all the Magic the World has to offer! 

"Tonya is insightful and very wise with her intuitive gifts. I am grateful for her guidance in a recent session with her"

- Maria M. Melbourne, Australia

"Two Years of Musing! What can I even say! Thank you so much for always Being the Voice of Reason!!! Much Love."


"Thanks Tonya Dee!! For working with me to develop my Customized Program that fits my lifestyle and Personality!"

- Aimee Whetman, Utah 

Why I Do It

You are here in Divine Timing; Opening your Heart and Ready to RECEIVE intuitive guidance on what path to take next and to up-cycle your Inner Circle!

Maybe you are on the threshold of an "energetic hiccup," experiencing a Low Down. I filed Bankruptcy, so it's ok - the Universe gives us what we need, so we can be grateful and see the magic on the other side of discomfort. The best is yet to come, in the unveiling process - the Gift.

Accessing your Gift and Purpose, whether it's Elemental, or on the Cosmic Highway.  I believe when we access the star that we are, our light shines brighter for that Spirit Walk of Fame! Removing the Unseen Blocks so that you can take back your innate power - Transformation happens when we initiate change!

You are ready to initiate the Change you wish to see, which is of Vital importance. Energetic Boundaries around your spheres of light, accessing the Elementals, Laying the Foundation is the First step in the process. I am here to guide you and assist you - the magic is in the ingredients! 



 I am . . .

I am a Holistic Sha'Medium, OtherWorldly Life Coach, and Subtle Energy Surgeon. I incorporate "Feng Shui" for the Body, Traditional Chinese Methodology and Ayurvedic Principles to Heal energetically through the skin (Energy to Matter). Chinese Four Pillars of Destiny, the Cycles of the season, the Elemental Realm. 

If the Body is not balanced, I look for the tell tale signs of the symptoms. The Body Speaks a curious language - then I look at the elements within the home. That's where my YouTube Channel the Daily Snippets come in. We are all born in a year, a season, a day and even an elemental hour. Knowing the signs, we can not only heal - but reverse the aging process through the skin - when we know our elemental structure!


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