Tonya Dee

Tonya Dee

“Their is something I Love about her,” he said.

One of his long time associates replied, “What’s not to love?”

In a world of knowing the obvious, “I am not sure. But I know I’ll find something” – AKG

Can America’s Goddesses of Beauty, Sex Appeal, Love, Career Success and Motherhood survive their own wide-eyed expectations – to discover who they really are?

At the intersection of Who Am I? and What do I Really Want? We find Tonya Dee, standing pigeon-toed in stiletto heels. Tall, Elegant, Beautiful and Confused – “What Direction Should I Go?”

An Intimate Memoir about love mistakes and fairytales..

Sex Goddess, Breadwinner, Mother of a Teenage Son, Money-Tree to a Series of Loser-Lovers, Ardent Defender of Romance, Competitive Business Woman, Seeker and Discoverer … If She Saw What She Really Wanted, Would She Recognize It?


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